Our entire classroom management centers around the notion of working towards our personal best each and every day.  We are scholars and our most important job is learning.  As we learn we set goals based upon the read aloud book titled, Inch and Miles The Journey to Success written by Coach John Wooden.  From this book we learn about the character traits that make a successful person and life.  Below is an interactively created Pyramid of Success from last year.  We will be making a new pyramid for the 2017-2018 school year.  
    We strive to be scholars each and every day!
    Please see the tab titled, "Lead Scholars."  We have two scholars every day in our classroom.  Collect the ribbons at home and display your child's scholarly behavior.
    first month pennants  
     Here are the pennants of the table group teams for the month of July

    Our teams for the month of July
    Air Force Academy
     Boston University
    Columbia University
    Dartmouth College
    Other incentives for scholarly behavior are:
    - Extra Literacy Center Time
    - Awards and Certificates
    - Extra Recess
    - A Trip to the Prize Box
    - An Occasional Gummy Bear 
    - Special Class Celebrations
    - More to Come!!!!