• 100 Mile Club

    Our philosophy is simple.  We believe that every individual has the ability to achieve true personal success and a new level of physical fitness by Accepting the Challenge of running (or walking) 100 Miles at school during a single school year.  These feelings of true personal success and fitness are ones that will carry participants to new levels of achievement in all areas: academics, athletics, and implementation of the valuable life skills identified in the bricks of Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success. 



    The 100 Mile Club is a personal journey toward a very personal goal. 


    • It is not a race with anyone but yourself. 
    • We NEVER compare students. 
    • We never race or compete between classes or students to see who makes 100 miles “first”. 
    • 100 Mile Club is not an external competition.  The competition is with your biggest rival:  yourself.
    • We celebrate all personal successes at the end of the school year.  100 miles or not, we award students together, celebrate together, and never separate out those that make 100 miles from those that do not.
    • The personal successes students feel while on the100 Mile Club journey are unquantifiable but ever-present.  We celebrate those most of all.


    100 Mile Club encourages team spirit by asking students to work together to help one another reach their goals. Often, we see the more athletic students encouraging and mentoring those that might need that little extra boost…it is wonderful to see students cheer for each other or run together to just make it one more lap. 


    The 100 Mile Club is an individualized physical fitness program. Students will have the opportunity to exercise their bodies through stretching and running (or walking) activities as they move closer and closer to 100 miles and their very own gold medal. 


    The 100 Mile Club is a life skills program. Through the personal experience of running (or walking) 100 miles at school, each student is given unique situations in which to truly experience each and every one of the life skills outlined in The Pyramid of Success.


     The 100 Mile Club is uncomplicated, yet profound.  We believe strongly that each and every student who Accepts the Challenge of running (or walking) 100 miles at school during a single school year will discover a phenomenal new part of themselves…the part that thrives on team spirit, hard work, determination and enthusiasm.  Once a child gets a taste of the deep and powerful intrinsic rewards of true, TRUE personal success, he or she will seek that feeling again and again…

    at school, at home, and in life.