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    Cuddlebugs Mascot Journal

    Our class has a mascot that will travel home or abroad with students and meet their families. Our mascot is a lovable ladybug who will go home with a different student each weekend. A journal will also come home with Cuddlebugs. When it is your child’s turn to take home our class mascot, he or she will be responsible for filling out at least two journal pages in our mascot’s notebook. This journal entry should describe what your child did during his or her weekend from the perspective of our mascot. Another great addition to this activity is a handy disposable camera will be hidden discreetly under Cuddlebug's wings. Once the camera has met its limit, I will replace it and insert the newly developed photos on this page!  Have a lot of fun with Cuddlebugs.   We can't wait to see where our mascot goes throughout our school year!