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May 31st

·          Check in the Gym 1:00pm

·          Bus loading 1:00-1:30pm

·          Departure 1:30pm

·          Arrival-Disneyland 2:30pm

June 1st

·          Check at Buses 1:45am

·          Bus loading 2:00am

·          Arrival @ ERHS 3:00am

Tickets are non-refundable, and non-transferable, no exceptions!
Student Information
Disneyland Grad Nite is a drug, alocohol and weapon free event.  Anaheim Law Enforcement will be present upon check in and during the event and will take appropriate actions if drugs, alcohol, drug paraphernalia or weapons are found.
On the day of your Grad Nite event, only take with you the things you really need and leave everything else at home.
Double check to make sure you are following the Dress Code Guidelines and Prohibited Items List.  Anyone not adhearing to the Disneyland Resort Dress Code Guidelines or Prohibited
Items List will be delayed and / or denied admission to the event.
Students are NOT allowed to arrive in Student driven vehicles to the event.
Please have your Disneyland Grad Nite admission ticket ready as you enter the turnstiles and keep your tickets in a safe place.  You will need them for park hopping and Fastpasses.
Get ready for the security bag check.
Keep your Grad Nite wristband on at all times.
Students attending Disneyland Grad Nite have a responsibility to:
Treat others with respect and honesty
Conduct themselves in a manner which will not interfere with other Guests
Follow the Dress Code Guidelines and Prohibited Items List and remain in approved attire throughout the event
Report any hazardous or dangerous situations to any adult Chaperone, Disney Cast Member or official authorities
Students must not:
Possess or distribute any material prohibited such as drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, weapons or any gang-related items.
Fight or engage in horseplay
Harass others for any reason
Chant school names
Disneyland Grad Nite is a non-smoking event.  No one regardless of age will be allowed to smoke at any time during the event inside the Parks.
Dress Code Guidelines
Dress code guidelines have always been a part of Grad Nite at the Disneyland Resort.  Ties, jackets, skirts and dressy shoes were once a regular part of the Grad Nite experience; however, over the years the dress code has evolved to keep up with the current fashion and trends to make everyone more comfortable to enjoy this great celebration.

The Disneyland Resort dress code guidelines and prohibited items have been established to ensure a safe event for all our Guests.  It is ultimately the school’s responsibility to ensure that all Students and Chaperones adhere to the Disneyland Dress Code Guidelines upon arrival.

Please note some individual schools’ dress code policies may be stricter than that of the Disneyland Resort.  We highly suggest that all schools should conduct their own Security and Dress Code screening prior to departure and arrival at the Disneyland Resort for faster and smoother processing once at the Main Entrance.

Things to remember:
It is ultimately the school’s responsibility to ensure that all Students and Chaperones adhere to the Disneyland Resort Grad Nite Dress Code Guidelines.

Failure to follow the Dress Code Guidelines may result in delayed admission and / or denial of admission to the Disneyland Resort or Grad Nite event.

Disneyland Resort Security has the right to refuse admission to anyone they deem inappropriately dressed.

All apparel must be in good condition (excessively ripped or torn jeans, shirts, etc. are prohibited) and extremely revealing clothing is not allowed.

Disneyland Resort Prohibited Items:
Pets (Service Animals are permitted and must be wearing an identifying assistive companion vest)

Wagons, Skateboards, Scooters (motorized and non-motorized), Inline Skates, Shoes with built in wheels

Bicycles, Motorcycles, Tricycles, Unicycles or Pogo Sticks

2-wheeled vehicles including Segways

Strollers larger than 36” x 52”

Suitcases, backpacks or similar bags with wheels

Suitcases, backpacks or similar bags larger than 18” wide x 25” high x 37” deep

Any trailer-like object that is pushed or towed by an ECV, wheelchair or stroller

Coolers larger than 6 pack sized are not permitted into the theme parks 

Alcoholic beverages

Any illegal substances

Folding chairs

Glass containers with the exception of baby food containers or medicine


Water pistols, toy guns and replica weapons, with the exception of those sold in the Disneyland Resort

Sporting goods or equipment

Weapons of any kind

Self defense equipment such as pepper spray, mace and stun guns

Restraining devices such as handcuffs or zip ties or any suspicious items such as box cutters, razors or duct tape.

Items that may be disruptive such as laser pointers, slingshots, stink bombs, air horns, etc.

Cremated remains such as urns, vases, boxes

Miscellaneous other items including tools, fire extinguishers, musical instruments, megaphones, pots and pans.

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