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    Honors Summer Reading: Language Arts 1 HONORS for ALL Incoming Honors Freshmen




    Incoming Honors Freshmen who are taking Language Arts 1 HONORS will be expected to be able to read text that is considered challenging for ninth graders. Freshmen will read three core works during the school year, books that all freshmen read, discuss, and analyze in discussions and writing. Also, freshmen will be expected to read several different pieces of literature during the school year, called Outside Reading, books that they choose to read independently and will analyze closely in written analysis in preparation for the AP Literature test they are expected to take as seniors.


    The SUMMER READING ASSIGNMENT is found on the accompanying link page.  However, there are two ways to fulfill the SUMMER READING ASSIGNMENT, so we want to be sure to list them here:

    1)    Attend the ERHS AP/HONORS SUMMER INSTITUTE where the summer reading will be included.  The institute will be held at ERHS from June 4th-7th, 2018.  If you are not signed up for the Summer Institute, you will need to complete the summer reading. To attend the Summer Institute, go to www.MustangEnglish.com.


    -       OR    -


    2)    Read Of Mice and Men and complete the Summer Reading Assignment.

                                                 CLICK FOR ASSIGNMENT    
    *There is a nonfiction piece from the NY Times. Please click here if you were unable to locate the piece online. 


    Many times parents and students ask what else they can do to prepare for Language Arts 1 Honors.  The following list of books is only suggested further reading for this summer, BEYOND THE REQUIRED SUMMER READING ASSIGNMENT. Students will be better prepared to read and analyze literature when school starts in August if they have taken the time to read. We have included a list of the core works that all students will read during their freshman school year. We have also included a list of titles that will give students a greater background in reading challenging, nuanced text that will help prepare them for both AP Language and AP Literature courses in their junior and senior school years.


    9th Grade Core Works:

    Romeo and Juliet                                            William Shakespeare

    Lord of the Flies                                              William Golding

    To Kill a Mockingbird                                      Harper Lee


    9th Grade Summer Reading:

    Joy Luck Club                                                 Amy Tan

    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn             Mark Twain

    Pride and Prejudice                                        Jane Austin

    Great Expectations                                        Charles Dickens

    Of Mice and Men                                            John Steinbeck

    Animal Farm                                                  George Orwell

    1984                                                               George Orwell

    Gulliver's Travels                                            Jonathan Swift

    The Memory Keeper's Daughter                   Kim Edwards

    A Separate Peace                                          John Knowles

    Black Boy                                                       Richard Wright

    Fahrenheit 451                                                Ray Bradbury