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    (And yes...this is what a great teacher's desk look like checking your child's homework, LOL!)
    Dear Parent(s),
    Homework is given out on FRIDAY of each week, except for the first week of school which will be on a Monday.  A yellow laminated folder is sent home with work that correlates to my classroom instruction. A coversheet is always attached to the material and there is a place for your signature letting me know that you have gone over the work. Your child has 6 days to complete their assignment. Once ALL work has been completed, please return to me by the following Friday.  At that time, I will pull out what has been turned in, initial the box in front of the envelope, and then replace the empty folder with new material to be worked on. Homework WILL be looked over and returned :).    I understand that sometimes situations come up and homework is not going to get completed 100%.  Please do me a favor and send a note or leave a message so that your child is not having to spend time during their recess time to complete it, unless you request they do so.
    ***Something new this year-Individual 1 inch folders with your child's homework will be tried out. It will include all pertinent work (writing samples for Step Up, Math, Language, and other items) that will be passed out on BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT. More information to follow this new concept :) ***
    **Raz-Kids.com will part of your child's weekly reading assignment. For those families that are not aware of what this is, it is a leveled reading program that records your child's progress throughout the year.  As your child becomes more advanced, so will the level of their achievement.   Each family will be asked to donate $3.00, so that all of us can access their reading level, work on reading comprehension skills, and promote reading readiness at a higher level of thinking.**