AR Training Stable
     Reading should be the highlight of your child's day, and the Accelerated Reader program can be a great way to motivate students to read more and read better!  In our classroom, each student is tested to determine their personal reading level, then given an INDIVIDUAL goal to achieve during the year.  Along the way, students are given the opportunity to earn many 'ribbons' for their equine reading buddy, their mascot throughout the AR program.  They can also win passes to our fabulous "Horsin' Around" Parties which are held every three months.
    How can parents help?
    1.  Hold students accountable for completing their 30 minutes of reading each evening.  You can set a timer if that is helpful for you and your child.
    2.  Provide a comfy and quiet place to read.  You may even consider reading alongside your child during this time.  Make it a family event!
    3.  Your child will always have a book in his/her reading folder, however feel free to allow your child to read something different...magazines, library books, newspapers, and even comic books can all contribute to reading success.
    4.  Stop by school frequently to check out your child's "stall" and see the progress being made.