• Help Wanted  

    Parent help is needed and much appreciated all year long!!  Please contact me if you’d like to volunteer in any of these ways:

    ·       Computer Lab Assistant-help me monitor students during our weekly computer lab time (Tuesdays 1:00-2:00).  You do NOT need to be computer “savvy” to do this job! (I’m certainly not…J)

    ·       In Class Helper-assist in preparing materials and/OR with students (listen to them read, etc.)

    ·       At Home Helper-materials preparation from home

    ***On Friday, August 19th, we are having a special event from 9-10ish in the classroom.  Students will be making something very special for use throughout the year.  I need as many adult hands as possible for this activity.  J
    All parents who volunteer weekly need to fill out an application and submit it to our school office.  So sorry for the inconvenience, but it can be downloaded on the district website at: