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                          Rehearsal Schedule (Homework)

     October 16 - 20


    Homework should last from forty-five minutes to one and one-half hours per night. If you find that your child is having more than one and one half hours of homework per night, it may be that they are not using their time wisely in class and are not completing their class work. If a child is finished in less than 45 minutes, they should read or review their work to ensure the quality of their assignments are their very best.  I expect homework to be completed neatly and carefully. Sloppy and half-hearted work will not be accepted. Students should be encouraged to do the work on their own and receive help only when really needed. I do encourage parents to look over completed homework and encourage students to work for accuracy. When you feel your students has done an acceptable job completing homework, sign off in the homework journal daily.
    Daily Homework subject to change as needed - students should have copied daily homework in their journal as I review homework and expectations in class. 

    Long Term assignments: 
    October 23 book ad
    October 27 - first attempt 60 countries memory challenge
    Short Term assignments:  
    Tuesday - Unit test decimals
    Read Free choice book for book report
    Work on history day project
    Math: LCM 9-2 #1-3, 7-13  *number 7 is a BIG number*
    Social Studies: 12 Word Trick, in CURSIVE
    Check your INB make sure everything is up to date.
    Science: OPTIONAL- Finish your reading checks from today, the ones that we went over in class.
    Math:Play math game with someone at home, answer questions A-C on page 10 based on your game.
    History Day:Research on your topic, take notes and bring in your cards for inspection tomorow!!
    Science: All science INB assignments due on Tuesday!!
    Math:If corrections are needed on math stories, take them home to complete.
    Page 18 in CMP3, #5-7
    Page 23 in CMP3, #34-35
    Language Arts: Work on book report, due next week Monday!!
    Language Arts: