• Welcome to Second Grade!


    We know that this is a tough economic time for many families. It is also a difficult time for the

    state of California, and therefore schools are being heavily impacted by cuts. One area that

    our school is being affected in is supplies. There are many supplies that are vital to teaching

    second grade. Due to this, we are in need of EVERYONE’S help! Please make a contribution

    to your child’s education by sending in the following supplies.


    Students must have:
    * 1 book box or magazine holder

    *3 Spiral, wide-rule notebooks

    * 3 soft folder with pockets

    * White copy Paper

    * 2 boxes of sharpened pencils
    * Glue sticks

    * 1 Pencil box

    * 2 Pens, any color

    * 1 pack of Dry Erase Markers

    * 2 Highlighters (no blue)

    * 1 pair of Children’s scissors
    * Box of 24 crayons 

    More Classroom Necessities

    * Box of Tissue

    * Paper towels

    * Glue sticks

    * Disinfectant Wipes

    * Band aid