Homework for the week of April 9-13, 2018




    Subject to change.  Check your child's daily planner !


     Daily Assignments



    Social Studies: Read "Voyage of Faith" and answer questions.

     Math: Review worksheets


    Math: P12-10

    Social Studies: Reread Chapter 3 Lesson 1. Answer questions 1-4 on page 115 in complete sentences.



    Classical Reading: Read for 30 minutes. Write a 4-5 sentence summary,

    Math: P12-11



    Math:Topic 12 practice test pages 322-323

    Study for test tomorrow.


    Short Term Assignments

    All test dates are subject to change.




     Homework should last from forty-five minutes to one and one-half hours per night. If you find that your child is having more than one and 

    one half hours of homework per night, it may be that they are not using their time wisely in class and are not completing their class work. If a child is finished in less than 45 minutes, they should review their work to ensure the quality of their assignments. I expect homework to be completed neatly and carefully. Sloppy and half-hearted work will not be accepted. Students should be encouraged to do the work independently,and receive help only when needed. I do encourage parents to look over completed homework and encourage students to work for accuracy.  If students finish work early they should spend time reading for the next book report, or practicing for the next memory challenge.