• Fourth Grade Supply List 

    Here is a list of supplies to have with you every day of 4th grade.  Having these supplies will help you stay organized.
        Mrs. Castillo will supply two folders, one for Language Arts/Math assignments, one for Social Studies/Science assignments, a spiral notebook, a pencil, and a red correcting pen.
       Students are supplied with a spiral notebook/daily calendar to write their homework in daily.

        Students should have:
          1 Homework Folder
        At least 2 pencils
        2 white board markers or white board crayons 
        1 Highlighter
        Whiteboard eraser (a sock works great and can be washed when needed)
          1 eraser (white latex work best )
        One regular size pencil box or pouch
         pair of student scissors
         glue stick
     ** Our desk storage area is very limited.  If students are in need of additional supplies for a special project, I will inform you in advance.  Please leave all other extra supplies at home.
    ****No binders please.