This assignment is given at the beginning of the school year 1st semester and is due the end of the 2nd semester. It is worth a quiz grade but in the scope of the students grade as a whole, it is a sixteenth of their grade.

The Rubik’s Cube connects to the material we learn in this class. We used it in conjunction to learning combinations and permutations according to California State Standard 18.0. Learning the six permutations of the Rubik’s Cube is an excellent way of engaging students to this State Standard. I prefaced this assignment with the warning not to wait till the last minute to learn the cube. It takes patience, and the stress of a week deadline won’t help you learn it.

There are benchmarks of showing me that you can solve parts of the cube for points.
I have cubes in my classroom that students may use.
We will have multiple “Rubik’s Cube days” where we spent the day watching tutorials and working on the cube. In addition, I leave time at the end for students to work on their Rubik’s Cube. It is part of my curriculum. 

If you can solve it in a minute, then you will receive extra credit, but this requires to learn more elaborate algorithms for the cube. So it takes some research and practice.
Below are some resources I have gathered over the years.
Good Luck!
Was the rap too fast? Here are some step-by-step videos on solving the Rubik's Cube:

2 part videos on solving the Rubik's Cube:
3rd period 2014-1st Cube Class  
5th period 2014-Cube Solve
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