Comprehension Questions in 4th grade range from the very basic to high level.  This is somewhat of a switch from the primary grades.  Below is the way I break it down for the students.  This way you will be familiar with the “lingo” too.


    LEVEL 1 – Basic comprehension questions.  They can be found directly in the text.  By 4th grade there is little excuse to get these wrong because they are right in front of the students.  They may just need to refer back to the piece to find them.


    Examples:  What is the name of the main character?  What is the problem in the story?  After this happens, the next event is __________?  The setting of the story is _____________? Matching definitions to vocabulary words.


    LEVEL 2 – Inference/Application level questions.  Correct answers at this level can be found by using the clues from the story & personal experience/common sense.   These are the key type of multiple choice question in 4th grade.  A student may be asked to select the “best” or “most likely” option.


    Examples: The story may talk about it being close to Christmas and snow being outside, but the actual question might be – In what season does the story take place?  It may not mention the actual season at all in the story, but with clues from the story + common sense students can infer it is winter.  Other types may be similar to:

    *How is the character feeling?

    *Which is most likely to happen next?

    *Which personality traits best describe a character…



    LEVEL 3 – Highest level/synthesis questions.  These are often open-ended questions where a student must provide their own answer.  Often the answer is an opinion.  The good part is there is no wrong answer, but students must think and be able to support the answer they give.  If support is there, the answer is correct even if I as the teacher disagree.



    *Would you like to live during this time period?  Why or why not?

    *Which character do you think you are most like?  Explain

    *How would you have felt if you were in the character’s situation and why?


    Quality of answer I am looking for here should be in complete sentence format with supporting details and careful spelling.


    Example:  I would not like to live in the pioneer time period.  I think it would be hard to be a girl during this time period because they couldn’t do a lot of the things boys could do like wear pants or vote.  (Another student could write the opposite answer and still be correct if he/she supported their thinking).