• Nightly Homework
     If you print this page out, please note that on occasion the homework mentioned on a certain day could change. If homework does change the students will be notified in class and the website will then be updated.
    *Book Report: Letter to the Author is due October 20th 
     The next two reports will be the Signature Report due November 17th and  the Cereal Box Report due on February 2nd.
    *Memory Challenge: October 27th we will recite "The Wind"  
    *Daily Supplies:scissors, highlighter, lg. eraser, glue stick, pencil & black dry erase marker

    Remember, all homework is to be completed in cursive.

    Thank you to all the parents who donated items for our Spa basket. It turned out great!! :) 

    Conference Week will be October 23-27th. There will be a non- student day on Wednesday, the 25th, so teachers can conference all day. Please read the information sheet that went home on Monday, Oct. 9th. The link to my class schedule is http://signup.com/go/VcJQhQp  

     Week 11
    Monday 10/16/17
    Reading: Cyber Bully page and anwer the 3 questions
    Spelling:  None

    Math: Complete 5-1 page
    Fixing work: If you received any work to be fixed and returned, please review and fix with an adult. Have your parent sign the page and return the fixed work tomorrow. 
    Memory Challenge:  Practice "The Wind"
    Tuesday 10/17/17
    Reading: ReRead The Gnat and the Lion and Snow White and the Huntsman. Fill out the Compare and Contrast Chart
    Spelling: None

    Math: Complete practice page 5-2
    Grammar: Rewrite the sentences using correct punctuation within the quotation marks.
    Memory Challenge:  Practice "The Wind"
    Wednesday 10/11/17
    Reading: Read from your classical book and work on your book report
    Spelling: None

    Math: Complete math book page 121 #16-20
    Social Studies: Complete the notes we were taking in class from lesson 2 chapter 1 
    Memory Challenge:  Practice "The Wind"
    Thursday 10/20/17
    Reading: Complete The Write to Sources page in your homework packet 
    Spelling: None

    Math: Complete  Reteaching 5-3
    Social Studies: 
    Memory Challenge:  Practice "The Wind"