• Nightly Homework
     If you print this page out, please note that on occasion the homework mentioned on a certain day could change. If homework does change the students will be notified in class and the website will then be updated.
    *Book Report
      Signature Slip due Tuesday, May 15th  
    *Memory Challenge: We recited all 6 of our memory challenges 
    *Daily Supplies:scissors, highlighter, lg. eraser, glue stick, pencil & black dry erase marker


    Remember, all homework is to be completed in cursive.



    Week 33
    Monday 4/23/18
    Reading: Read Science Lab and answer questions #'s1-4
    Spelling: Complete spelling practice page127

    Math: Practice page 13-4
    Grammar: Look up the defintion of an adverb, write the definition, and 8 adverbs on the bottom of your spelling list in your homework packet
    Memory Challenge: None



    Tuesday 4/24/18
    Reading: Read Science Lab and answer questions #'s5-7
    Spelling: Complete spelling practice page 128

    Math: Math book page 335 #'s 15-24
    Grammar: Complete practice page 37 from your spelling/grammar book
    Memory Challenge: None
    Wednesday 4/25/18
    Spelling: Complete spelling practice page129
    Reading: Read from your library book, write down 5 facts and a two to three sentence summary 
    Math: Practice page 13-5
    Memory Challenge:  None
    Thursday 4/26/18
    Reading:  Read The Bear Flag Republic and complete questions #'s 1-6
    Spelling: Take a spelling practice test and write your missed words  3x each

    Math: Practice page 13-6
    Science: Study for you science test tommorrow using your study guide we completed in class
    Memory Challenge:  None