• Discipline

    In order to provide my students with the excellent educational climate they deserve, I have developed the following classroom discipline plan that will be in effect at all times.



    1. To be in school everyday unless they are very ill or there is a funeral
    2. To do all homework, class work, and study for tests and quizzes
    3. To pay attention in class and not cause distractions or disturb others
    4. To put 100% effort into all work
    5. To take full responsibility for actions and decisions made, and to be prepared to suffer the consequences
    6.  To respect me, other students, teachers, and staff
    Classroom Rules
    1. Follow directions the first time they are given.
    2. Respect others at all times.

    -     No name calling

    -     No put-downs

    -     No foul language

    1. Allow the teacher to teach and others to learn and participate.
    2. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    3. Be prepared.


      Consequences of misbehavior

    1 Behavior Reminder = Loss of one recess

    2 Behavior Reminders = Loss of both recesses (morning and lunch recess)

    3 Behavior Reminders = Loss of recesses and a phone call home

    4 Behavior Reminders = Loss of recesses, phonezcall home, a visit to the principal’s office, other consequences to be decided by the principal.

    Note: Severe disruptions, disrespect, or a consistent pattern of misbehavior will result in an immediate visit to the office with consequences to be determined by the principal.








    • Satisfaction of a job well done
    • Verbal praise
    • Rocket Wings
    • Group/Class points
    • Postive phone call home


    Homework is absolutely essential because it reinforces what is taught during the day.  It also instills responsibility which I strongly enforce in my students. Homework will be assigned Monday throughThursday.  Homework will be written down by the student in the Corona Ranch planner. Students may have homework on some weekends if a project is due.  Homework should take your child about an hour or less to complete.  If you find that your child has spent well over an hour on homework, allow them to stop and send a note in the next day.  

    This will allow me to help your child if he or she does not understand the work or let me know if they need extra time.

    Note: A child WILL NOT be excused from homework unless there is a note from a parent.



    Assessment will be done through tests, quizzes, reports, presentations, writing assignments, and projects.  

    Projects will always include detailed instructions so students will know EXACTLY what they are being graded on. 


    Parents often wonder how their child’s teacher will keep them informed of their child’s grades. Graded work and tests will be sent home as they are graded.  Please encourage your child to show you any graded work from the day or that they received from me.  About every other week, a grade report will come home. This will have all of your child’s current grades.  This will also show any missing assignments that your child has.  Your child MUST return the progress report to me signed the next day because it lets me know that you have seen and are aware of your child’s grades.  

    Please feel free to leave any comments orquestions that you have on the report.


    There are many ways to help our classroom.  You can tutor students, make copies, staple papers, assist with art projects, go on fieldtrips, and much more!  You can also help from home by prepping projects. Please let me know if and when you are available to help.  

    I will also need a “Room Parent” thisyear. 

    *****To go on fieldtrips or volunteer weekly, you will need to be fingerprinted through the district.