• Hello future AP Language & Composition students!
    Attached are copies of both instructions and reading list for the summer reading.  An alternative to the summer reading is attendance to this summer's AP/Honors Summer Institute.  Please sign in immediately as spots are being filled.  Mrs. Oberdank and I are giving it out as a mere suggestion to enhance and enrich your repertoire of non-fiction literary background.  Much of AP Lang. surrounds the political, social, psychological, and economical dynamics of our society; hence, the bullet points in the instructions sheet.  In AP Lang. you will be introduced to topics that may require your thought processes to include the previously mentioned perspectives.  To begin this conversation, we must all enhance our background knowledge to help add to the richness of our discussions (and, it makes it all the more fun to talk about it too!). 
    I look forward to beginning this year long conversation.  Each of you has a voice, whether it's discovered or not, each of you has it.  Remember, the "assignment" is not really an assignment.  It's less about points needed to get a good grade in the class."  It's not about "how long the length of the logs" have to be.  Mrs. Oberdank and I are more interested in the content of your ideas.  From there, we can then begin work on articulating such ideas onto paper. 
    I have a feeling this is going to be the best class of AP. Language and Composition to date. 
    Feel free to email either of us if you have any questions or concerns.  Otherwise, I look forward to meeting all of you. 

    Mr. Mata
    PS- information regarding this summer's AP Institute is to follow in the coming weeks.  I suggest you take it if you're looking for an introduction to what will be covered over the coming year.  Again, it's all voluntary.  
    PPS- Help us out and pass along this email and the attachments to anyone who may be taking the course next year.  Also, there seems to be confusion regarding typing the logs or writing them in a spiral notebook.  Whichever works best for you, do it.  Again, it's more about the content, less its physical delivery.  Thanks!