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    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is a tardy?
    A tardy takes place when a student is either late to class or late sitting in his/her seat.

    How do I excuse a tardy?
    Tardies for arriving to campus late can only be exused by the Attendance Clerk and/or Student Advisor.  Excuses for morning tardies are limited, such as doctor's appointments.  Regularly heavy traffic and broken alarm clocks are not considered excuses for a tardy.  Parents/guardians cannot excuse tardies to periods 2-7, as the student is already on campus.

    What are the consequences for tardies?
      - Morning Tardy, Arriving late to campus (in order): 2 warnings, detention, Saturday School, ACP and Attendance Contract, Suspension
      - Tardies after already being on campus (in order): 1 warning, detention, Saturday School, ACP and Attendance Contract, Suspension
    *The progressive discipline steps start over each new trimester (except those students who are on an Attendance Contract)
    **Click here for Discipline-at-a-Glance.  Our NIS Citation Monitoring chart will show your child's current discipline, and is on the back page of our planner.
    Whom do I contact if I have a question about a tardy?
    If the tardy took place during first period, please contact the Student Advisor. If the tardy took place during periods 2-7, please contact the teacher who issued the tardy.

    How do tardies affect my child in the long run?
    Because attendance is critical for a child's learning, and arriving late not only interrupts his/her learning, but also the the class's learning, the district and school has implemented very stringent rules and consequences. Infrequent tardies only result in discplinary action (see above); however, frequent violators will result in possible escalation to the district office and even the District Attorney's office in extreme cases.


    How do I call in to excuse my child for being absent?
    Call the attendance office at (951) 736-3415, available 24-hours a day, as well as a doctor's note should the absence be related to a medical visit.

    How long do I have to call in and excuse my child from being absent?
    Up to two weeks (ten school days).

    Why do I need a doctor's note?
    The State of California conducts regular audits and requires the school to furnish proof of absences when possible. By providing a doctor's note, not only will your child receive an irrevocable excused absences, but ensure that the school receives credit for documenting attendance properly.

    What happens if I don't provide a doctor's note?
    Because attendance is required by law, doctor's notes help to confirm the student's whereabouts. Without it, the absence is subject to the Attendance Clerk or administrator approval.

    What happens if I don't call in to excuse my child from being absent?
    The computer system will automatically replace any unexcused absences with a truancy after ten days.

    What is a truancy and does it affect my child?
    A truancy is an unexcused absence and is a permanent mark in the child's attendance. After the second truancy, the district sends out a truancy letter to the legal guardians/parents notifying them of the unexcused absences. The third truancy will result in a second letter, which will result in the Student Advisor contacting the guardians/parents to schedule a SART (Student Attendance Review Team) meeting to discuss the attendance issues and to attempt to find a solution for any issues the student and family may be experiencing. During this meeting, the studentis placed on an "Attendance Contract," which a signed agreement from the parents/guardians, administrators, and student that the attendance will be worked on and will hopefully no longer be an issue. A copy of the contract is placed in the student's file. Should the child continue to receive truancies, the matter will be escalated to the district office and later the District Attorney's office for possible prosecution. Regular school attendance is not only beneficial to the student's success, but also a requirement set forth by the law. To prevent attendance from becoming an issue, please have your child at school on time and be sure to call in for any absences in a timely manner. 

    What happens if I need to take my child out of school for personal reasons?
    All excused absences are subject to the Attendance Clerk and administrator's approval.

    Will anything happy to my child if he/she misses too much school?
    Just as employees have a set number of sick days, so, too, do students. Ideally, students should not miss more than 10 school days in any given school-year. Should a student exceed this number, the Student Advisor will contact the guardian/parent to schedule an appointment to discuss the reasons for the student's excessive absences and to provide possible intervention procedures to help the problem from occuring again. In some cases, students are placed on Attendance Contracts, which is a written agreement between the student, parents, and administrator for attendance goals set forth at the time of the appointment. Should the contract be violated, it could results in possible escalation to the district office and District Attorney's office for further review and possible prosecution.

    How can I view my child's attendance?
    Log into your child's online grades through ParentConnect and click on "Attendance."

    Whom do I notify if I notice an error in my child's attendance?
    Notify either the Attendance Clerk or the Student Advisor within two weeks of the date - anything older than two weeks cannot be changed.

    Attendance Office
    Attendance Clerk:
    Phone & Message: (951) 736-3415
    Fax (doctor's notes): (951) 736-3208