• 2011-2012 Teacher of the Year   

    Mrs. Kasey Martyr

    Rosa Parks 2011-2012

    Teacher of the Year!

    A very special teacher touched my life when I was in 6th grade, and I have aspired to be an outstanding educator ever since.   I am aware that it may only take one person to change a child’s life, and each and every day I strive to be that person for my students.  I greet each child that walks through my classroom door with a hug, high-five, or a handshake to make a personal connection with every student at the beginning of every day.  I have established a classroom environment that promotes all the life skills, specifically fairness and respect, and have high expectations for all learners.  I believe in my students, and want to instill in them a positive self-image, and the confidence to succeed. My students recite our “6th Grade Pledge” each morning before instruction begins and “promise to work together to be the best 6th graders that they can be.”  I believe it is my job to help them achieve their goals, and as a result I am constantly looking for ways to engage them in their own learning, foster independent and reflective thinking, and challenge them with rigorous and meaningful assignments.  I make every effort to learn about my students as individuals so I am able to form connections between their interests and the curriculum, and differentiate instruction to meet their unique needs. Most of all, I attempt to make learning fun!  The best compliment I have gotten from a parent is hearing that their child loves coming to school each day.  I feel truly blessed to be in a profession I am passionate about; put simply, I just love to teach!

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