CNUSD Sound/Spelling Card Philosophy

    Reading, writing, and spelling are necessary skills for students to be successful in school and adult life.  Unlocking the recorded code for the English language is a challenging skill for the human brain to accomplish.  To assist students in unlocking this code, the Corona Norco Unified School District encourages English Language Arts instruction that allows students to regularly experience lessons which include a combination of phoneme instruction, visual representations of sounds, and direct phonics/spelling generalizations to bridge the gap between spoken and printed language.


    Important Research Findings about Phonics

    Blevins, W. (2001). Teaching Phonics and Word Study. Scholastic Professional Books.


    Countless research studies have been conducted on phonics instruction.  Much of this research has focused on the usefulness of phonics instruction and the best ways to teach children about sound-spelling relationships.  Below is a list of the top research findings regarding phonics:

    ·         Phonics instruction can help all children learn to read.

    ·         Explicit phonics instruction is more beneficial than implicit instruction.

    ·         Most poor readers have weak phonics skills and a strategy imbalance.

    ·         Phonics knowledge has a powerful effect on decoding ability.

    ·         The reading process relies on the reader’s attention to each letter in a word.

    ·         Phonemic awareness is necessary for phonics instruction to be effective.

    ·         Phonics instruction improves spelling ability.


    Phonics Instruction in your Child’s Classroom

    Instruction will follow current research.  Each week we will focus on a specific phonics skill.  Daily practice will be embedded into our daily language arts instruction and should be reinforced at home nightly.  Students will not receive a spelling list as we are not memorizing isolated words.  Instead, we are learning about word patterns and sounds that boost students’ reading and writing abilities.  Students will be taking weekly tests that focus on the phonics skill while incorporating all previously taught skills.  The table lists our phonics skill(s) and sample words. Please focus on the phonics skill as you study each night – not memorization of the sample words as these will not be included on our assessment. If you would like more sample words, you can simply type the phonics skill into an Internet search engine.

    Phonics Skill

    Sample Words

    short vowel - a

    cat, sat, mat, ran, chat

    short vowel - a

    tag, sad, fat, can, shag

    short vowel - i

    big, hit, pig, dip, bit

    short vowel - o

    box, mom, rob, hop, shop

    short vowel - e

    vet, bed, jet, yet, shed

    short vowel - u

    hut, tug, bug, shut, bun

    double final consonants

    will, pack, pass, add, puff

    word endings - s, ed, ing

    dogs, cats, tucked, buzzed, wishing

    clusters with - r

    trip, crab, trap, trick, shred

    clusters with - l

    click, flop, blob, slap, class

    clusters with - s

    best, swell, step, west, slick

    triple clusters - str, scr, spl, spr

    strict, spring, splint, scram, screw

    diagraphs - ch, sh, tch, wh, th

    crunch, that, hush, switch, when

    long vowel – a

    a_e (a+consonant+e)

    late, cake, whale, male, shake

    long vowel – i

    i_e (i+consonant+e)

    prize, nine, like, white, stripe

    long vowels - o, u

    o/u_e (o/u+consonant+e)

    final clusters - ft, lk, nt

    choke, dome, globe, cute, fuse


    soft, milk, bent, loft, sent

    long vowel - e

    e, ee, ea, e_e (e+consonant+e)

    me, see, mean, seek, Pete

    vowel pairs - _ai_, _ay

    rain, stay, away, plain, play

    vowel pairs - _oa_, _ow

    soap, coat, roast, tow, crow

    vowel pairs - _oo_

    compound words

    cook, look, good, brook, hoof

    fireman, bullfrog, haircut, beehive, pancake

    vowel pairs – oo, _ew, _ue, u, u_e

    long vowel i – ie, igh

    moon, blue, , rude, crew, duty


    light, pie, sigh, bright, high

    word endings - s, ed, ing

    boating, playing, licks, swells, rained

    vowel pairs - _ou_, _ow

    (_owl, _own)

    out, count, south, cloud, sour

    word endings - s, ed, ing

    boating, playing, licks, swells, rained

    sounds for y

    (y makes the long i sound at the end of a word, y makes the long e sound when added to a base word)

    sky, fry, butterfly, sandy, windy

    plural nouns - es

    prefix - un, re

    bushes, lashes, peaches, lunches, branches

    undo, untie, reply, revisit, retold

    diphthongs - _oy, _oi_

    phonograph - _aw, _au_

    suffixes - ful, y, ly

    boy, boil, joint, destroy, moist

    saw, draw, fault, straw, haunted

    joyful, sandy, windy, likely, gladly

    r-controlled vowel -_or_, _ore, r-controlled vowel - er, ir, ur

    store, short, north, cork, more

    germ, stir, blur, clerk, sir

    r-controlled vowel - ar

    car, yarn, farm, starch, garden

    suffixes – er, est

    boxer, packer, banker, smallest, shortest