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    The FITNESSGRAM is a state-mandated, scientifically-based collection of fitness tests that assesses the fitness levels of every student within each component of fitness (muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility, and body composition).  This series of tests will determine if the participant is within the "Healthy Fitness Zone" (There are different standards for gender/age) if the student needs improvement, or if the individual is exemplary.  This test is the basis for planning an effective and comprehensive fitness plan (Physical Education standard 3).
    The purpose of physical fitness assessment is to educate about one's fitness level.  All fitness tests are done based on the State-mandated FITNESSGRAM procedures and will be addressed frequently throughout the year.  To ensure the accuracy and reliability of these tests, every student is expected to follow the proper procedure of each FITNESSGRAM component:  Mile Run, Sit and Reach, Trunk Lift, Curl Up, and Push Up.  Included in the links below are the appropriate procedures and required documents needed to satisfy each fitness testing component grade for each student.  Please review and practice these fitness tests frequently at home to help improve your fitness levels for each FITNESSGRAM component. 

          NEW Aerobic Capacity and Body Mass Index Healthy Fitness Zone Chart/Directions