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    OVERVIEW: Because AP Literature and Composition is a college-level class, students will be asked to complete college-level coursework.  In preparation for the class, we are assigning specific mandatory work—it must be completed by the first day of class in August. Please note, however, that you may attend this summer’s AP/HONORS SUMMER INSTITUTE as a way of fulfilling the summer reading requirement. You can sign up for the AP Summer Institute by visiting the ERHS website.


    Click Here for a pdf of the summer assignment.      Click Here for AP One Sheet Instructions.

    Required Reading:

    Please select one of the following novels.



    Anna Karenina



    Crime & Punishment

    Cry the Beloved Country

    East of Eden

    Farewell to Arms


    Go Tell It on the Mountain

    Great Expectations

    Invisible Man

    Jane Eyre

    King Lear

    Light in August

    Native Son

    One Hundred Years of Solitude


    Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

    The Color Purple

    The Poisonwood Bible


    The following two assignments must be completed by the first day of class of Semester One.

    Submit the assignment electronically to Canvas the first week of class.

    1.     Complete 25 dialectical journal entries.  Analyze these 25 lines for diction, tone, figurative language,    imagery, symbolism, and characterization (if appropriate). Please include the page numbers.


    2.      Complete an AP 1 Sheet.


    Suggested Reading to Prepare for the Upcoming Year


    We will be reading the following pieces of literature next year in AP Literature and Composition.  You may want to read them during the summer when you can do so at your leisure.  Also, you can read any books from the ERHS HONORS OUTSIDE READING LIST, any of which can be used on the Open-ended AP Essay Test.  We will read much short literature and many poems, as well, in class.  Pick up an anthology of each—or find them online—and enjoy reading this summer.


    Oedipus Rex                                 Hamlet

    Death of a Salesman                  Doll’s House

    Heart of Darkness                   The Kite Runner