• Items we often need in preschool:
    *tissue paper for runny noses and days when we feel sad
    *disinfectant wipes, because germs are not our friends
    *copy paper
    *art materials, because a world without art is not worth it - markers, wiggle eyes, yarn, batting, shaving cream and glue
    *other supplies - black Sharpie markers, plastic baggies (all sizes!), photo paper
    Items we would love to have when your children have outgrown them:
    *toys, puzzles, and games
    *books and children's music CDs
    *outdoor toys - tricycles, Cozy Coupes, sand toys, playground balls, bubble solution and bubble wands
    Items that would absolutely blow my mind:
    *Two up-to-date computers with all the parts.
    *Wi-Fi.  I have an iPad to use in the classroom.  Imagine being able to pull up a video clip of a polar bear swimming or a real spaceship landing on Mars instead of just talking about it!!