DearFuture Fifth Grade Families,


                We are excited to welcome you to the fifth grade team this year, 2013-2014. You will need a variety of supplies to help you be successful in yourupcoming year.  We are sending this homewith you now so you do not buy unnecessary items and have the ones you willneed.  This list is for all the fifthgrade classes since we team and share students for math, reading, and writingPLC.   If you have any questions, you cancheck with your teacher the first day of the new school year.

                            Looking forward to anexciting year,

                           Mrs.Hopper, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Pershin, and Mrs. Skelskey

                            Your Fifth Grade Teachers


                                  Fifth Grade Supply List

    All studentsupplies must be stored in zippered pencil pouch(es).  NO PENCIL BOXES WILL BE ALLOWED.



    4 spiral note books

    1Ultra fine Sharpie pen black

    Three sharpened #2 pencils


    Student scissors

    Ruler with centimeters and inches

    One– 1½ inch three ring binder filled with lined paper (Please do not get a larger binder.)

     1 package of 8 tab dividers

    1 White Board
    Dryerase markers

    1white board eraser or 1 sock

    Red pens

     Multi Color Pack of Highlighters


    Washable markers

    1Blue or black reusable ballpoint pens


    Pencilsharpener that holds the shavings


    We need helpwith the following supplies:

    Antibacterialwipes                          Kleenexboxes                    1 gallon ziplocbags                     Staples                      3 x 5, 4 x6, and 5 x8 index cards        Post its -- all sizes

    Scotch andmasking tape                 Glue sticks