• Keep up the good work! Homework- Practice makes perfect!

    In order to help students become more responsible, and to prepare them for junior high, I will be using a homework planner, printed and provided by the district.  Homework assignments will be given in class, and each student is responsible to copy it down each day. Each student is asked to share their homework planner with a parent or guardian. This way, students will keep parents informed of what they are doing in class, upcoming tests, and their progress on homework.  Homework will be posted daily on this website during class while students copy it onto their planners. 
    Homework is a completion of classwork and projects.  Students should have no more than 60 minutes of homework each night Monday through Thursday which includes 30 minutes of reading.  Students who complete the majority of their class assignment will have less homework, but should still use the 60 minutes to read and review content, especially in math.