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  • Homework Habitats and Habits for Success

    Posted by Jennifer Garcia at 11/18/2014
    Parent conferences lead us to think about the best ways to help our students become successful at school. One thing we can do as parents is to create a homework/study area. We are bringing back a very popular parent webinar that features some of our very own Barton current and former students who show us that home study areas come in a variety of forms but all do one thing. They help our Barton Bears succeed at school!
    When parents and teachers collaborate on behalf of children, they create windows of light for the generations that follow. 
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  • Internet Resources for Student Success

    Posted by Jennifer Garcia at 8/6/2014 6:00:00 AM

    Welcome Back Bears!


    The start to the school year is always a time filled with excitement and sometimes a bit of apprehension. It is also a time when students may begin to struggle with new curricular demands. This month’s blog entry will direct students and parents to online resources that help support student learning.  As always, students need to be monitored while online. For tips on how to keep kids safe online, please refer to our earlier blog entry: September 2013 – Internet Safety at Home.




    -         Preschool– 2nd grade assistance.

    Kindergarten through Twelfth:   

    -         Provides freeonline tutoring in all subject areas

    Corona Public Library


    -         Log in with your library card. Free online homework help or you can schedule a session in a private virtual study room.

    Ticket to Read


    -         Per student pricing is $20.00 per year for reading only. A combined purchase of both the reading and math program is $64.00 per year. Students need to use Ticket toRead for a minimum of one hour per week to ensure maximum growth.



    -         Free lessons on reading comprehension



    Read Write Think



    Khan Academy


    -          Offers a large library of lessons in a varietyof subjects

    Think Central


    -         Read your Houghton Mifflin textbooks online

    Math Skill Building


    -         K – 6 math skill games

    Free Rice  - English/Spanish Translation


    -         Practice Humanities, Math, Languages, Science, English, Chemistry, Geography and SAT Prep all while donating food to children in need.

    Harvey Mudd Homework Help


    -         For grades 4 –12, this homework hotline operates September through May providing live Math and Science Assistance.
    Triple P Positive Parenting
                 -  Parenting did not come with an instruction manual. This course will help you navigate some of the more difficult aspects of parenting in a positive manner. The online format allows you to participate in the program at your convenience. Tuition for the 8 week online course is $79.00.


    If you know of additional online resources, please let us know. We’ll add to our Parent Resource page. I hope everyone has had a terrific start to the school year!




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  • Transitioning to a New School Year

    Posted by Jennifer Garcia at 6/4/2014
    As we exit a great school year and start an even better one, we thought we'd revisit one of our more popular webinars, "Transitioning to a New School Year". For our Sixth Graders leaving us, we wish you all the best!! And, for our returning and new students to Clara Barton Elementary School, we give a BIG "Welcome to Barton!!" where we all: Believe in Ourselves, Believe in our Futures and know our Futures begin TODAY!!  
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  • Confused by the new Common Core Standards? We have some answers!

    Posted by Jennifer Garcia at 3/25/2014 12:00:00 PM
    This month's webinar discusses the California Common Core State Standards and how, as parents, we can support our students as they tackle new learning. This overview provides additional links for parents who would like to explore the CCSS further.
    I would also like to take the opportunity to publicly thank Mrs. Brenna Brown, our Student Success Team parent member. Brenna has worked tirelessly for the last two years on our committee creating many of the parent webinars featured on our blog. She is moving on to other challenges but we will really miss Brenna. With that said, we are currently looking for one or two new parent committee members to join our Student Success Team at Clara Barton Elementary School. Please contact Jennifer Garcia at (951) 736-4545.
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  • Keeping Your Child's Smile Bright

    Posted by Jennifer Garcia at 1/10/2014
    We all know how important dental care is to our current overall health and to the long-term health of our children. This month's webinar is brought to us from Dr. R. James Richardson II, a local pediatric dentist, via one of our terrific parents, Mrs. Brenna Brown. Thanks Brenna, for making this connection so we can provide for the better health of all of our Barton Families.
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  • Bullying in School: How Parents Can Help

    Posted by Jennifer Garcia at 11/26/2013
    This month's Parent Blog on Bullying is presented by our wonderful school nurse, Cherry Macalino. We are so fortunate to have Cherry at Clara Barton Elementary School both as our school nurse and one of our Barton parents. 
    If you suspect your child is being bullied at school, please let his/her teacher know. Bullying is often done "under the radar" of school personnel so your communication is key is stopping a bully's behavior. Thank you, and to all our Barton Friends and Family:
    Happy Thanksgiving! 
                                                     Happy Thanksgiving  
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  • October 2013: Common Core Resources for Parents

    Posted by Jennifer Garcia at 10/8/2013
    I have found a great resource for those of us who would like to explore the Common Core Standards. The Orange County Office of Education has put together a variety of parent resources that will further explain what the Common Core Standards are, and what they mean for students. 
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  • September 2013: Internet Safety at Home.

    Posted by Jennifer Garcia at 8/27/2013
    Clara Barton Elementary School is moving quickly towards utilizing technology to enhance and extend our curriculum. This month's blog entry will discuss some of the ways in which your child will be using the internet for classroom assignments and academic support, along with ideas for keeping your child safe while working online.
    1) is an online reading program that can support students of all academic levels. The feedback I've    
        gotten from my students has been very positive.
    It makes reading even more fun!
    2) is an online mathematics program, also presented in a fun and interesting way for students. 
        Students can practice assigned problems and go to an online tutorial should they need it
    3) "Flipping the Classroom" uses the idea that students watch a tutorial, video or other online content before coming
        into class. These might be teacher created, on Khan Academy, or YouTube. Teachers can then assess student
       knowledge and either provide remediation or extend the lesson into deeper learning. The is primarily being done in
       our 4-6 grade classes.
     4) Mobile Laptop Labs that allow kids classroom internet use for all types of academic experiences.
    As we enter an age where information is at our fingertips, teachers will be creating learning experiences that go far beyond the mastery of facts. Students will need to be critical learners; able to decide the validity of the information they are gathering and using it to extend their thinking. It's quite a paradigm shift for everyone. It is this shift that is  addressed in the Common Core Standards being implemented next year in California.
    But, as we know, the internet can also be a dangerous place for kids if they are allowed free use of its resources. So, I've included a video presentation in this post demonstrating simple ways home internet use can be made much safer for kids. The bottom line is: know what your children are doing on the internet, and become internet savvy yourselves.
    I also ran across a website called "Cocoon for Kids" - this  free site allows you to control exactly those websites each child in your home is allowed to visit. I have not personally used this site(my own kids are adults) but have read some great reviews on it. Here is the link for anyone who would like to take a look:
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  • Welcome to the 2013-2014 School Year

    Posted by Jennifer Garcia at 7/31/2013
    Welcome to the 2013-2014 School Year.
    We welcome our new Principal, Mr. Glen Gonsalves, to our Clara Barton Elementary Family. Mr. Gonsalves will be holding some parent 'meet and greet's to start the school year off right. Check the calendar on the Homepage for further updates.
    We have two new tools in our toolbox this year. Clara Barton students are able to access in order to receive mathematic support. AdaptEDmind allows students to catch up, keep up, and/or get ahead in math at home or at school. It can be accessed anywhere an internet connection is available. AdaptEDmind quizzes students and, if a problem is missed, a pop up tutor walks them through the math procedure. By adding your email address to your child's account, you will receive updates on your child's progress every time they use AdaptEDmind. Clara Barton's Home page contains a direct link to the AdaptEDmind signin page under our Quicklinks section.
    In August, we will be launching Ticket to Read. Ticket to Read is an online Reading Program that reinforces phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Ticket to Read may be used by students in any grade and at any level. It is personalized for each student! Your child's teacher will send home information soon.
    Both programs offer an online incentive program of earning badges and building a virtual room. I know that my students using AdaptEDmind, Love It!
    Begin year image
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