• Editing With CUPS



                    Sentences begin with a capital letter

              Proper nouns are capitalized

              Days of the week are capitalized

              Personal pronoun "I" is always capitalized


          Use singular verbs with singular subjects. The cat is purring.

              Use plural verbs with plural subjects. The cats are purring.

              Use singular verbs with collective nouns. The team is winning.

              Keep the tense (present, past, future) of the verb the same throughout the paper.


          Sentences that make a statement end in a period. (Declarative)

              Sentences that ask a question end in a question mark. (Interrogative)

              Sentences that share a strong feeling end with an exclamation mark. (Exclamatory)

              Sentences that give a command or make a request end in a period. (Imperative)

              Commas are needed in a series of three or more words or phrases.

              A comma separates the city/town from a state.

              A comma separates the date and the year.

              Periods and commas are placed inside quotation marks.


          Use a dictionary or reference book.

              Sound out unknown words.

              Use Spelling Skills.