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    Backpack (Must have back straps if it has wheels)

    1 ½ inch D ring binder (MUST be CLEAR VIEW!!!)

                                  (LA, Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Other)


    Dividers (8 tabs)


    Pencil Pouch

    Mechanical Pencils .7 lead (need 5)

     .7 lead refills

    Twistable Crayons ONLY

    Markers (primary colors)

    2 White Erasers

    Highlighters (1 each-yellow, green, pink, blue)

    Glue sticks (x’s 2)

    Notebook Paper (wide rule)

    2 Composition Books

    2 Reams of Copy Paper – one white, one colored please

    Pencil box (small)

    Black sharpie (x2 each fine, ultra fine)

    White board markers (x’s 2)

    Box of Tissues