Classroom Peek  At the Week  for  Dec. 12-Dec. 16th
                                       Language Arts Assessment Days include:  
                                                                *spelling, vocabulary, and comprehension  
                                                 Story Assessed:  
                                                             Test Date:  
                                                                *Reread the story with your child...have them retell the story.
                                     Social Studies:  
                                                                Project Due Date:   Explorer Project Due Thurs. Dec. 15th                                                                                                                    
                                     Science:  Chap. 5 Lesson  2
                                                    Lesson  2 Vocabulary Quiz:  Friday Dec. 16th...Review vocabulary cards with your child
                                                    Chapter Test: TBA
                                        Math :  Topic 8 Algebraic Expressions Test:  Tues. Dec. 13th
                                                      ...Review Math Interactive Notebook  and notes with your child                                                     
    Special Projects:   
    Special Event:     PTA  Fundraiser Orders Due
                               PTA Memberships Due
                                Picture Day Tuesday Sept. 6th                                                  

     Upcoming School Events: