Visual Arts Class - Grade 7
    All of the supplies listed on the supply list below are required for art class. Especially important are having a ruler, scissors, a set of markers, a set of colored pencils, two #2 wooden pencils (not mechanical pencils), a small bottle of glue, a pencil sharpener with a catch basin and a good eraser. Students may also bring a shoebox (plastic or cardboard) which they may take home at the end of the semester. They may keep supplies that they only use in my class in this shoebox as long as the materials all fit inside when the shoebox is closed (must have a lid).  Any students who need assistance with obtaining supplies should see me privately, but should not wait until the day the items are needed. The supply list should be checked on a weekly basis. Please let me know if assistance is needed right away.
    Mrs. Bosquez
    2-9      Same as 2-8. Collages due end of period on Wednesday
    2-8      1. Bring more magazine pictures, if needed, but no magazines (tear out at home); 2. Bring a novel if done. 
    2-7      Day 6 of continuing to work on collages (all due by end of period on Feb. 14)-collect more magazine pictures on your own if needed
    2-6      Bring liquid glue and scissors to start putting together collage; bring novel to read when done
    2-5      Tomorrow is the last day (day 5) to get picture from MY magazines (get more than you think you'll need)
    2-2      This is Day 3 of cutting out magazine pictures for collages
    2-1      Bring magazines to continue on collages tomorrow
    1-31     Continue looking for magazines (doctors'/dentists' offices, beauty salons, barber shops, etc.)
    1-30     1. Bring liquid glue, scissors and magazines to create a collage starting tomorrow; 2. We finished the article analysis on "5 Artists . . . ? today
    1-29     Bring liquid glue, scissors and magazines or pages from magazines to create a collage of your interests, hobbies and goals
    1-26     None
    1-25     None (started Tennis Shoe art)
    1-24     Come in with ideas for symbols representing YOU for the tennis shoe art drawing
    1-23     None (worked on What Am I in class)
    1-22     None (worked on What Am I in class)
    1-19     1. Last Chance to turn in shoeboxes on Monday; 2. Come in with idea for "What Am I?" drawing
    1-18     Complete rough draft of Int'l. Fine Arts poster if interested (must have art talent/experience)
    1-17     Signed Supply List
    1-16     Signed Syllabus