•  Fourth Grade Supply List:  Ms. Sars

    1 small pencil box for the following supplies
    Crayons 16 pack
    5 #2 pencils sharpened (not mechanical pencils) 
    colored pencils
    tri-colored bic pen for correcting in primary colors
    1 felt tip black marker (for outlining art projects) 
    small bottle of Elmer's white glue
    2 glue sticks
    1 large eraser
    pencil top erasers
    3 highlighters: yellow, orange, green
    2 dry erase markers in a dark color
     1 pair of child scissors
    wide-ruled notebook filler paper: Put some in the back of the binder, and keep the rest at home for homework.
    3 ring binder 2 inches wide
    1 white board eraser (or sock)
    6 divider tabs: label them from top to bottom:  Path Post/Agenda; Notices; Math; ELA/Spell; Projects/Poems; SS/SCI 
    1 two pocket folder in any color or design except red or blue: Label with child's name 
    1 plastic protractor
    1 ruler with standard and metric measurements
    1 box of tissue to share with the class

    Please replenish these supplies throughout the year as needed.
    Thank you!