• Bee         Speller's Choice

    You may choose one Speller's Choice activity each night in order to prepare for your spelling test.   
    Spelling activities are for your practice and will not be turned in with homework packets.

    1. Alphabetical order (ABC): Write your words in alphabetical order.

    2. Rainbow words: Use three different colors to write your words.

    3. Cheer your words: Pretend you are a cheerleader and cheer out your words (and spell them) to an adult.  

    4. Backwards words: Write your words forwards, then backwards!

    5. Pyramid words: Write your words adding one letter at a time. The result will be a pyramid shape!   
    Example: star

    6.  Spelling City: Go to the website http://www.spellingcity.com and select “Search”. Click "Teachers/Parents." Then, type in Rosa Parks Third in the search space.  Under teacher's name, select Rosaparks Third.  Then, select the Word List we are currently working on.  Be sure you check the list and practice with the correct spelling words! 

    7. Disappearing words: Write each word, then write it again but leave one letter out…then write it again and leave TWO letters out…then THREE… until your word has disappeared!
    Example: star        _tar         _ _ ar         _ _ _ r         _ _ _ _

    8. Computer fun: Use a computer to type your words. Use different fonts and sizes and make it look really fun!  

    9. Friendly words: Write two words that share a letter so they are touching!

    Example        c a t



    10. Other Handed: Write your words with the hand you do not normally use to write.