• Spelling Word List

    Posted by Rebecca Caputo on 11/27/2012
    Remember to complete both sides of the worksheet. 
    Spelling Words
    Please proofread your "first" writing for errors.  
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  • Lucy Walks

    Posted by Rebecca Caputo on 10/18/2012 2:00:00 PM
    Early Man Test
    Spend at least 30 minutes preparing for the test tomorrow!!!
    Study the Vocabulary
    Slash and Burn
    Review the Following Topics
    Catal Huyuk
    Ice Age Notes
    Know the differences between Homo erectus, Homo sapiens, and Homo habilius
    The 5 Characteristics of a Civilization Graphic Organizer
    How Cities Develop Graphic Organizer  (Must be in order!!)
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  • It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Fall!

    Posted by Rebecca Caputo on 10/9/2012

    Fall is Here! 

    The first trimester is coming to a close, and parent conferences are just around the corner.   I know everyone has been working so hard, and I am proud of everyone's successes.  Please continue to work hard, stay organized, and always be prepared!  Everyone needs to continue working hard to meet the goals that were set the first of the year.  A new trimester brings new opportunities to improve and find success!
    Keep it up!!!
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  • We've Got Spirit!!!

    Posted by Rebecca Caputo on 8/23/2012
    We are currently selling our 6th Grade Spirit T-Shirts!!!!  They are only $20.  This is a great way to show class spirit. 
    We are also still collecting money for 100 Mile Club.  We only have about 50% of our class signed up, and we are looking for more.  It is only $10 to sign up, and students will receive a t-shirt once they complete 25 miles.  We have been running almost every day, so students will be making that first goal within a few weeks.  It is such an accomplishment to say that you have ran/walked 100 miles!!  If there are any parents that would be interested in donating to the 100 Mile Club for those students that are unable to participate due to finances, please contact me and I will put your donation to good use. 

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  • Where in the World?!?!?!

    Posted by Rebecca Caputo on 8/16/2012
    We have been working so hard to complete our first report for the year.  It should be really exciting to hear about all of the different locations and wonders of the world.  Every student should turn in their two page essay by tomorrow, Friday.  In addition to the essay, each student is writing a one paragraph summary about their location to use when they present their location to the class.  The summary is not due on Friday with the report, but it is due when the students give their oral presentation.  For example, if Joe signed up to present his location on Tuesday then his summary is due on Tuesday. 
    I am excited to learn more about all of my students when they present their Get to Know You paper bag projects.  They look GREAT!!!
    Keep up the hard work!!  Everyone is trying so hard, and I appreciate all of the effort!  It is going to be a great year!!!!
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  • On a Roll!

    Posted by Rebecca Caputo on 8/13/2012
    We have begun our first full week of school, and it looks good.  I have included a link to the math series that should enable you to access the textbook on-line.  This would be a great resource to add to the favorite bar.
    I am really excited to read your All About Me essays, and get to know each of you better.  I know I have a wonderful class that is ready to learn a lot of amazing things this year. 
    Math Link
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  • The First Day of School!

    Posted by Rebecca Caputo on 8/8/2012
    You are Awesome Sixth Graders!  I think we had a wonderful day, and I am looking forward to an exciting year!  Thank you for following directions and looking at the website.  I hope you remembered to save it to your favorite folder or menu. 
    To let me know that you have visited this page, write me a short note about what you are looking forward to doing this year!
    See you tomorrow!!
    Mrs. Caputo 
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