• Procedures/AVID Binder and Planner:

    Procedures:  During the first weeks of school, students will spend a great deal of time learning about classroom procedures, and expected/unexpected behaviors both in the classroom and in different areas of the school. As with any new routine, it will take time and practice.


    AVID Binder:  Each student has been given an AVID three ring binder that holds five 2 pocket dividers, a black homework folder, a green communication folder, and the AVID Planner.  Each folder or pocket divider is labeled with a specific subject area.  In class, we will use this as an organizational tool.  Any ongoing work in class will kept in that binder so it will not be misplaced.  Spiral notebooks will also be placed in the binder.  Graded homework and notes will be kept in the binder.  Please do not remove any of this work.  It is to stay in the binder.  At specific points in the year I will have students remove their work and ask them to keep it at home.  I will notify parents of this.  The 3-ring AVID W.O.R.K. binder will go home each night and must be returned each day. 

    AVID Planner:  The planner is where assignments will be written down, as well as due dates for upcoming projects and tests.  This will be a wonderful tool for students to use.  Parents will be expected to sign the planner daily to acknowledge you are aware of what is happening in class and that you have checked that your child’s homework is complete.