• Wish List

    Ms. Karr’s Wish List

    Anything you can contribute is SO appreciated!

    Thank you very much!
    Highlighted are the ones I am really low on right now.
    Thank you to the Ku and Eaton Families for your
    Generous Donations to our classroom!

    *Glue Sticks

    *Antibacterial Clorox Wipes

    *Mr. Clean Sponges


    *Colored Copy Paper
    *Color Cardstock

    *All colors washable tempera paints CRAYOLA BRAND ONLY PLEASE

    *Water Colors

    *Ziplock Bags (gallon and sandwich size for centers) No zipper tops please

    *Thin Dry Erase markers (we use them in centers)

    *Mini Magna Doodlels for writing and reading centers
    *Four Large Magna Doodles for the writing and reading centers

    *Black Only Mr. Sketch markers

    *Playground equipment: playground balls (not baseball type), jumpropes, hula hoops, frisbees, bubbles, sidewalk chalk