• Important Information about drop-off and pick-up


    • PM teachers will be on duty and waiting by the Flag Pole at 10:45. Please do not drop your child before then because there is no adult supervision.
    • Try to have your child sitting in the curb side seat of your car, in the back. They may not get out on the driver’s side and walk around.
    • Students are to line up with the teachers at the flag pole. Remember to pull all the way up in the line, stay in your car, and and we will help your child out.

    • The kinder PM schedule is from 10:46-2:50. Wednesdays we come to school in the morning at 8:25 and dismissal is 11:19. All drop off and pick procedures stay the same on Wednesdays. The rest of the school drops at that time too so allow extra time to get through the line.

    Please do not double park, pick-up, or drop-off on the street or get out of your car for safety reasons.

    Make sure that anyone you want to be able to transport your child MUST be on the emergency card. The office will not release a child to anyone that is not on the emergency card.


    • Pick up is on Harrison. All of Kinder and First grade dismiss here. Please follow our guidelines and be patient and we will get you on your way as soon as possible.
    • Make sure you put your GREEN sign in your windshield EVERY DAY. Please put it where teachers can see it from a distance; not on dashboards, on the passenger window or seats. This way we can have your child ready to load when your car pulls up. If you lose your sign, please ask for another one or you can make one yourself.
    • Please do not attempt to pull over on Harrison and load your child there. We will not release any child in this unsafe manner.
    • Please stay in your car and keep pulling forward until all space is filled. You must stay in your car and keep moving to keep the flow of traffic moving. We will help load your child in the car. We will load on the passenger side back seat only. Make sure their car seat/booster seats are ready for this. Please have your child practice buckling and unbuckling their seat belts. Buckling seatbelts quickly helps the line move faster.
    • The pick-up line is very long and can take a long time to get through. You might consider walking or parking across the street in a nearby neighborhood and walking over especially at the beginning of the year. If you walk up your sign can be useful too. I can quickly see who you need.
    • When we walk the kids to the grass for dismissal, we will have the whole class sit in a line, then raise their hand to tell me who they see before I release them. Please do not try to take them before this happens. I need to see where each and every child is going. Please be patient. I will not begin releasing kids until ALL are seated.