• Homework

    Check this page at the very least every Tuesday for announcements, homework expectations/details, and important due dates.
    January 29- February 5


    This week we will have Assessments forMath.

    Wednesday College &  Early Release day:  Come in your colleget-shirt at 8:25 and dismiss at 11:19.

    Friday Spirit Day & Family LearningFriday:  Wear your Rosa Parks attire and Familiesshould arrive at 2:15.


    JOURNAL PAGE: Students should start by making a t-chartwith the topic “When I am 100”.  Theirstar ideas should have transition words and include what they will be like whenthey are 100.  They should then use theirt-chart to write a paragraph about those three things.  Make sure it starts with a sentence not atitle.  “When I am 100 I will be very old”is a sentence, while “When I am 100” is a title or a topic.


    Complete the packet by doing 1-2 pages anight.

    Homework Tips:

    Writing shouldalways be done in pencil. No crayons, marker, or pens.

    Coloring shouldalways be done in crayons or colored pencils. No markers please.

    Children shouldwrite their own names on their homework.

    Please monitorthat your children are forming letters correctly. Letter formation is on mywebsite. Lettersnever start from the bottom and bad habits are really hard to break!J

    We are DONEreviewing letter sounds.  Review themwith your child periodically for extra practice. 


    This week in Read Aloud:

    We are celebratingour 100th day of school and will read many books about 100.

    This week in Shared Reading:

    We will “100 is alot” and “Vroom Chugga Vroom Vroom” containing our sight words, “said” and “up.”

    This week in Writing:

    We finish definingconclusions and will write a variation of the wheels on the bus called, “Thekids on the train.”

    This week in Math:

    We will assess fortrimester two, review patterns, and compare numbers to 30.