• Cesar Chavez Academy

    Ms. Linn’s 7th/8th Grade Language Arts Classes


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    Course Description: This course provides students with selected literature, informational readings, and vocabulary, as well as various types of writing.  It is designed to build critical thinking, reading, speaking and listening skills.  Daily class instruction will include specific skills emphasis, with particular attention paid to achieving high school readiness, and overall preparation for College and Career.


    This year the Language Arts Departments across the district have adopted a new LA textbook.  It will be a year of change for all of us, but also exciting with new stories to delve into and new ideas to try. J


    Daily Materials:

    • 3-Subject College Ruled Notebook    
      • 8.5 x 11 three-subject spiral notebook with dividers or 9 x 11 (NOT 8.5 x 10)
    • Pencils (more than one!) and eraser
    • Highlighters
    • Blue or black pens ONLY
    • Colored pencils, scissors (optional)
    • Glue Sticks (Must Have)
    • Student Planner daily


    Student Expectations:

    1. Respect each other at all times.

    2. Students must arrive on time, and sit in assigned seats.

    3. Students must bring all homework and class assignments completed.

    4. Students must be in their seats before the bell rings.  They must raise their hand if they have a question or need to leave their seat.

    Student Responsibilities:

    1. Keep track of books, school supplies, and assignments in class and at home.

    2. Come to class prepared and ready to work.  Stay on task the entire class period.

    3. Listen to instructions and ask for help appropriately when you need it.

    4. DO ASK FOR HELP!!




    • Class work and homework assignments will vary in point value.
    • Writing and projects will be assessed according to a created rubric.
    • At the end of the trimester the total of points earned will be divided by the total of points possible to calculate your grade.


    Grading Scale:

    98% - 100 % = A+           77%-79% = C+

    93% - 97% = A                73%-76% = C

    90 % - 92% = A-              70%-72% = C-

    87% - 89% = B+               67%- 69% = D+            

    83% - 86% = B                 63%- 66% = D

    80% - 82% = B-                60%-62% = D-

                                               59 % and Below = F


    Classroom Policies and Procedures:

    • RESPECT others and their property.
    • Personal business (ie. sharpening pencil) should be done before class begins.  At the end of the period, students MUST stay in their seats until they are dismissed by the teacher.
    • Food, drinks (except water), and GUM are NOT allowed.
    • You MUST have a bathroom pass (you will receive 8 every trimester) to use the restroom.  SAVE THEM FOR AN EMERGENCY!!
    • Monitor homework and grades by checking student planner, using Student/Parent Connect (Q), and viewing Language Arts notebook on a weekly basis.


    Discipline Policy:

    Good behavior and hard work will be expected of all students.  If you have a problem of any kind please come and talk to me rather than just avoiding the issue.  Life happens. J  Following are some procedures set in place to maintain a safe and enjoyable classroom atmosphere:

    1. Opportunity to correct behavior and get back on task after talking with me in class.
    2. Opportunity to accept responsibility for actions by talking with Administrator.
    3. Parent contact (phone call or email)
    4. Class isolation/seat change and/or behavior essay
    5. After school detention (Tuesday and Thursday)
    6. Referral to administration



    • Complete homework and class work assignments on time to be eligible for full credit.
    • Assignments not completed will receive a zero until turned in, and after school detention may be assigned.
    • Late work will be accepted within a reasonable time frame (a few weeks) with a reduced grade.
    • For an absence, students are allowed 1-2 days for each school day absent to complete work they missed and receive full credit.  If an extended absence is known in advance, it is important to notify the teachers and the office to allow for time for me to gather the work. It is the student’s responsibility to get assignments or handouts that they missed due to absence.
    • All assignments must have your first and last name, date and period written/typed in the top right corner of your paper.  Points will be deducted from EVERY assignment missing this information.
    • At the beginning of class make sure you have any assignments that are due on that day ready on your desk.  The work will be collected and it will be your responsibility to hand your assignment in later if it is not ready then.




    **Please sign below and return detached portion by: Wednesday, August 16.  Please keep the syllabus (above) for your records.**