• Earthquake Terror (Pages 28-44)

    1. debris

    the remains of something broken or destroyed

    2. devastation

    destruction or ruin

    3. fault

    a break in a rock mass caused by a shifting of the earth's crust

    4. impact

    the sticking of one body against another

    5 .jolt

    a sudden jerk or bump

    6. shuddered

    shook, vibrated, or quivered

    7. susceptible

    easily affected

    8. undulating

    moving in waves or with a smooth, wavy motion

    9. upheaval

    a lifting or upward movement of the earth's crust

    10. isolated

    separated from others

    Eye of the Storm (Pages 54-75)

    1. collide

    to bump into another mass with force

    2. funnel cloud

    tornado cloud that is wide at the top and narrow where it touches the ground

    3. jagged

    having a sharp, pointed edge or outline

    4. lightning

    the flash of light in the sky when electricity passes between clouds or between a cloud and the ground

    5. prairie

    flat, open grassland

    6. rotate

    to swirl in a circular motion

    7. severe

    serious or extreme in nature

    8. sizzling

    crackling wilt intense heat

    9. tornadoes

    rotating column of air accompanied by whirling funnel-shaped downspouts that can cause great destruction.

    10. vortices

    whirlpools made of rotating air or water

    Volcanoes (Pages 84-99)
    1. molten made liquid by heat
    2. lava hot melted rock that flows from a volcano
    3. crater a bowl-shaped depression
    4. crust the solid outer layer of the earth
    5. cinders charred bits of rock; ashes
    6. eruption a volcanic explosion or large flow of lava
    7. magma hot melted rock underneath the earth's surface
    8. summit the top of a mountain
    9. century one hundred years
    10. composite made up of different substances or parts

    Michelle Kwan (Pages 138-143)
    1. pressure urgent of forceful demand
    2. presentations performance
    3. elements the parts of which something is made up
    4. judges people who decide who wins a contest
    5. technical having to do with technique
    6. required necessary, essential
    7. audience people who gather to see and hear a performance
    8. artistic showing skill and good taste
    9. amateur someone who engages in an athletic activity for fun rather than for pay
    10. compete to take part in a contest

    La Bamba (Pages 163-176)
    1. talent a special natural or acquired ability
    2. pantomime theatrical acting that is done in silence
    3. forty-five record a small record with one musical selection on each side
    4. limelight focus of public attention
    5. applause the clapping of hands to show approval
    6. volunteered agreed to help
    7. rehearsal practice for a public performance
    8. embarrassed self-conscious and ill at ease
    9. duo two performers singing or playing together
    10. debut first public performance

    Fear Place (Pages 184-201)
    1. cautious careful
    2. concentrate give one's full attention to
    3. discomfort feeling of uneasiness
    4. dismayed troubled, distressed
    5. excitement a state of activity or agitation
    6. immobile unable to move
    7. stamina the power to resist fatigue
    8. terrified frightened
    9. unsure not certain
    10. receding moving away from

    Mae Jemison Space Scientist (Pages 210-222 )
    1.astronaut a person trained to participate in the flight of a spacecraft
    2. launches puts into action by force
    3. mission an operation that is assigned to achieve certain goals
    4. orbit the path of a spacecraft around the earth
    5. reusable able to be used again
    6. satellite a device made to orbit the earth while performing a task
    7. space shuttle a spacecraft launched like a rocket that can return to earth and land like a plane
    8. specialist one who becomes an expert in a particular field
    9 weightlessness the condition of being without weight
    10. artificial created by humans rather than occurring in nature.

    And Then What Happened, Paul Revere? (Pages 262-278)
    1. revolution connected with the complete change of a government or idea
    2. express fast, direct, often nonstop
    3. cargo Freight carried by a ship or other vehicle
    4. colonies the territory ruled by or belonging to another country
    5. oppose to be against something or someone
    6. liberty freedom from the control of others; independence
    7. Patriot colonist who was against British rule in the Revolutionary time
    8. sentries guards who are posted at a spot to keep watch
    9. taxes money that people must pay in order to support a government
    10. congregation

    a group of people who regularly worship at a church



    Katie's Trunk (Pg. 293-303)
    1. arming equip or supply with weapons
    2. skittish nervous and jumpy
    3. just honorable and fair
    4. fierce intense; ferocious
    5. skirmish small, short fight; a minor battle
    6. peered looked at with concentration
    7. rebels person who opposes the government in power
    8. kin relatives; family
    9. drilling performing training exercises
    10. seams lines formed by sewing two pieces of material together

    James Forten (Pg. 312-327)
    1. captives prisoners
    2. dread great fear
    3. abolitionists a person who felt that slavery should be against the law
    4. influential having the power to affect events or sway opinions
    5. privateer a privately owned ship that is ordered by the government to attack
    6. tacking changing the course of a boat or ship
    7. apprentice someone who works for another person in order to learn a trade
    8. conflict a struggle or war
    9. enslavement process by which one person become the property of another
    10. encouraged to give support to; to inspire

    Mariah Keeps Cool (Pg. 345-357 )
    1. volunteer offer to do something of one's own free will, usually without being paid
    2. amazingly in a way that causes surprise or wonder
    3. decorate to make festive or beautiful
    4. celebration a special activity that honors a person, event, or idea
    5. detain to delay; to hold back
    6. spectator a person who watches an event or performance
    7. suspect to believe without being sure; to imagine
    8. festive joyful; merry
    9. reluctant unwilling to take an action
    10. honor to show respect for; to accept



    Mom's Best Friend (Pg. 369-385 )
    1. attachment a feeling of closeness and affection
    2. dog guide a dog specially trained to lead visually impaired people
    3. master to become expert in a skill or art
    4. obedience willingness to follow orders
    5. memorize to learn by completely remembering
    6. obstacle a thing that stands in the way
    7. instinct an inner feeling or way of behaving that is automatic, not learned
    8. mature fully grown or mentally developed
    9.braille system of writing with raised dots, for people who are visually impaired
    10. layout the way something is arranged

    Yang the Second and Her Secret Admirers (Pg. 394-407 )
    1. heritage traditions, practices, and beliefs passed down from earlier generations
    2. impress to have a strong, favorable effect on someone's feelings
    3. tradition passing down of customs and beliefs from one generation to the next
    4. opera a form of theater in which dialogue is sung to musical accompaniment
    5. accompaniment a musical part that goes along with a performance of a singer or musician
    6. demonstration a showing or explanation of how something works
    7. noble showing greatness of character by unselfish behavior
    8. rhythmic having a noticeable beat with a pattern to it
    9. pantry a small room or closet where food and silverware are stored
    10. scheme a secret plan

    Dear Mr. Henshaw (Pg. 416-431 )
    1. diary the daily records of a person's thoughts or experiences
    2. experience an event that someone takes part in or lives through
    3. understand to get the meaning of
    4. prose ordinary spoken or written language; opposite of poetry
    5. snoop one who tries to find out about other people's doings in a sneaky way
    6. disappointed unhappy because of an unsatisfied hope or wish
    7. submit to offer one's work to someone for their judgment or approval
    8. splendid excellent
    9. reject to refuse to accept
    10. mildew a kind of fungus that grows on damp walls

    A Boy Called Slow (Pg. 470-485)
    1. custom something that members of a group usually do.
    2. reputation what others think about someone's character, behavior, or abilities
    3. inherit to receive something from a parent or ancestor
    4. raid a sudden attack, often with the goal of taking property
    5. extended including more; broadened
    6. vision a sense of where one's direction should be; foresight
    7. determination firmness in carrying out a decision
    8. respect a feeling of admiration or approval
    9. triumph great victory
    10. travois a sled used by the Plains Indians pulled by a dog or horse

    Pioneer Girl (Pg. 499-513 )
    1. homestead a piece of land given to settlers for farming and building a home
    2. claim a piece of land that someone reserves for ownership
    3. immigrant person who moves to a new country
    4. sod a chunk of grass and soil held together by matted roots
    5. discouraged not hopeful or enthusiastic
    6. convinced persuaded; certain
    7. heifer a young cow that has not yet had a calf
    8. fertile rich in material to grow healthy plants
    9. prairie a large area of flat or rolling grassland
    10. memoir an account of the personal experiences of its author

    Black Cowboy WIld Horses (Pg. 523-541 )
    1. mare a female horse
    2. mill to move around in confusion
    3. herd a group of animals of a single kind
    4. skitter to move lightly or quickly, especially with many changes of direction
    5. mustang a wild horse of the plains of western North America
    6. remorse a feeling of regret or guilt for having done something wrong
    7. stallion an adult male horse
    8. bluff a high cliff or bank
    9. ravine a narrow, deep valley, usually formed by a flow of water
    10. reared stood on two hind legs

    Elena (Pg. 550-563 )
    1. rugged having a rough and uneven surface
    2. wound injury in which the skin is cut or broken
    3. sombrero tall hat with a wide brim, worn in Mexico and the American Southwest
    4. urgently in a way that calls for immediate action
    5. notorious well known or famous for something bad
    6. condolences expression of sympathy for a death
    7. dictator a ruler who has complete power over a country
    8. transform to change greatly in appearance or form
    9. revolution an overthrow of a government
    10. grief intense sorrow caused by loss



    Grizzly Bear Family Book (Pg. 602-617)
    1. carcass the dead body of an animal
    2. caribou a large deer found in North America related to reindeer
    3. aggressive ready and quick to fight; bold
    4. dominance the greatest control within a group
    5. subservience willingness to give in to others' powers
    6. tundra a treeless Arctic region where very few plants can grow
    7. wilderness a region in its natural state, unsettled by human beings
    8. abundant more than enough; plentiful
    9. territory an area inhabited and defended by an animal or group
    10. wariness extreme caution



    Golden Lion Tamarin Comes Home (Pg.629-641)

    1. dilemma

    situation in which one must choose between two difficult options

    2. extinction

    the condition of having died out

    3. predator

    an animal that hunts other animals for food

    4. observation

    the act of paying careful attention

    5. canopy

    the highest layer of a forest, formed by treetops

    6. reintroduction

    the process of returning animals to their native habitats

    7. habitat

    type of environment where a plant or animal usually lives and grows

    8. captive

    a prisoner

    9. humid

    containing a large amount of water vapor; damp; sticky

    10. gene

    tiniest part of a plant or animal cell that determines characteristics passed on to the next generation



    My Side of the Mountain (Pg. 651-665 )
    1. storehouse a place or building where supplies are stored for future use
    2. harsh demanding and severe; unpleasant
    3. survival the preservation or continuation of one's life
    4. cache a store of hidden goods
    5. harvest to gather a crop
    6. fashion to give a form or shape to; to make
    7. migration a seasonal movement of animals to a different habitat
    8. burrows hole or tunnels dug in the ground by small animals
    9. ventilate to let fresh air into a place
    10. tethered bound by a rope or chain to limit how far one can move