• CesarChavez Academy – 7th Grade Science

    Mrs. Bradley jbradley@cnusd.k12.ca.us      Mrs. McCartin mmccartin@cnusd.k12.ca.us


    Course Objective:                 Students will explore living things -- their structures and the systems that 
                                                    support them --

                                                    within the framework of the California State Seventh Grade Standards in 
                                                    Life Sciences.


    Course Requirements:          You will need to have the following items in class every day:

    ·        Textbook (provided in class)

    ·        Pen & pencil

    ·        Handheld manual pencil sharpener

    ·        Colored pencils --- no markers please!

    ·        Looseleaf Paper

    ·        A 3 ring binder with a section dedicated just to Science

    ·        School provided student planner


    Vocabulary:                           Vocabulary is an important part of science. There will be quizzes on the words. 


    Classwork:                            7th Grade science is a hands-on, activity based class with many classroom
                                                   activities and 
    laboratory assignments.


    Assessment:                         There will be vocabulary quizzes as well as tests, labs, and projects.


    Binder:                                   We will discuss the binder in class.  Organization is an

                                                    important part of middle school and of science in general. A portion of the

                                                    student’s grade will be based on their binder.


    Grading:                                 I will be using the following grading scale for all assignments:


    Classwork/Binder                                     90-99%                         A

    Vocabulary Quizzes                                 80-89%                         B         

    Tests                                                        70-79%                         C

    Projects/Labs                                           60-69%                         D

      0-59%                         F


    Make-up Procedures:   *All classwork can be made up with an excused absence.

                                            * It is the responsibility of the student to determine the assignments missed during 
                                              an absence.

                                            *Absent work is due within one week from the day he or she is absent.


    Late Work:                    If the assignment is not turned in at the time collected, it will be considered late. 
                                           Late work is accepted for partial credit, except in the case of an excused absence.
    Missing Work:                  Students are expected to complete ALL assignments. Any missing assignment will be a zero.

    Tardies:                        School rules will be followed and enforced.


    Class Rules & Behavior Expectations:

    1.    All directions must be followed; this is especially important in lab situations.

    2.    Keep hands, feet, & objects to yourself.

    3.    Be in assigned seats ready to learn when the bell rings; this includes having all necessary supplies

    4.    Talking is allowed only when working in groups or called upon.

    5.    NO cell phones should be out when you enter the room, They should be turned off or to silent mode
    and should remain in your backpacks until you exit the room.

    6.    There are NO FOOD OR DRINKS ALLOWED IN CLASS, except water.  During labs, no water is permitted.

          7.   Please wait until I excuse you, regardless of whether the bell has rung.