• Grades are based on a point system.  All assignments are worth points and eachgrade is determined by the percentage of possible points earned according tothe following scales.

      90 – 100% = A

                80– 89% = B

                70– 79% = C

                60– 69% = D

                Below59% = F

    Make-up work policy

    ·       Students who are absent have the number of days they were absent to make up the work.  This includes videos, notes, or assignmentscompleted in class, as well as homework or assignments assigned while yourchild was absent. Upon returning toclass, it is your child’s responsibility to meet with me on their own time,before school or after school, to discuss missing assignments.  IF THE STUDENTS DO NOT MAKE UP THE MISSEDWORK, IT WILL RESULT IN A ZERO.


    ·       Parents,if you know that your child is going to be absent, it is your responsibility tonotify me ahead of time so that we can make accommodations to get you the appropriateassignment(s).


    ·       Students,if you miss a test or a quiz, you must make it up within 2 weeks of yourabsence.  It is your responsibility toschedule a make-up date with me to complete the test/quiz.



    Late work is defined as anything not turnedin the DAY that it is due.  If thehomework, assignment, and/or project is late, your child will only be able toearn 70% of what they originally would have scored if they submitted it ontime.  If an assignment was determined tobe late it will be denoted on Zangle.



    In all honesty, I am not a big fan ofhomework, since most of the learning occurs in class.  With that said, when I do assign homework, Iexpect that it is done.  Homework is usuallyclasswork that has not been finished; it will also be to study for upcomingexams.  There will be 3 projects assignedthis year, one per trimester, which the students will be expected to complete.  Each project will be worth 100 points, so itis critical that each student completes it, and turns it in on time.  If the students do not complete anassignment, they will be issued a ZAP form stapled into their planner.