• At the midpoint of each trimester, teachers are required to formally advise parents if their student is in danger of failing the class. For this class, any student that has a 75% or lower when these notices are required to be sent out will receive one. Since it is the midpoint of the trimester, there is ample time to bring the grade up.
    While the following may not be applicable to every student's circumstance, the most common reasons for grades to be within a range that may result in failing the trimester include:
       1. Missing/Late/incomplete assignments
       2. Poor work quality/rushing to finish work
       3. Failure to read the chapters, review their notes and/or study for tests and quizzes
       4. Inconsistent attendance
       5. Failure to attain missing work due to absence/complete absent work
    Should your child receive a progress report/"in danger of failing" notice, please discuss this with your child. As well, please don't accept "I don't know" from your student as an explanation. Often, your student will know precisely why their performance has lead to the progress report if you hold them accountable.
    As always, should you wish to discuss the matter with me, please let me know. As well, you can review your child's progress at any time via Parent Connect to get a better idea of the issues effecting their performance and monitor their improvement.