• READ! READ! READ!     

    STARBOOKS Book Club

    Purpose:  The reason for STARBOOKS Book Club at Kinderversity is primarily to increase literacy at school and at home and create a lifelong love of reading for scholars.  Scholars primary responsibility outside the classroom is to read, read, read!  The scholars should know how to complete the reading menu for STARBOOKS Book Club.  This is not a time for families to argue and fret over the work but instead enjoy and create a love of reading at home!

    Type:   I promise to assign a book club reading menu and reading options every month that will be appropriate for your child regardless of ability.  It is critical that your child read a text that he/she CAN READ and talk about what they read.  So depending on your child’s reading level book club materials may look different than another child.
    Amount:    There is no minimum or time limit for scholars to read every day (including weekends and off-track time).    Parents please remember the research that shows the outcomes for, “Why Your Child Can’t Skip Their 20 Minutes of Reading Tonight.”  This is critical for their vocabulary and brain development.

     Procedures:  STARBOOKS Book Club menu and options are assigned at the end of every month.  Please have your child bring their binder to school every day.