Advancement Via Individual Determination
    What is AVID?
    • AVID is a College Readiness System that prepares students (4th grade through post-secondary) for college and career success
    • AVID places academically average students in advanced classes
    • AVID levels the playing field for minority, rural, low-income and other students without a college-going tradition in their families
    • AVID is for all students, but it targets those in the academic middle
    (from avid.org)
    30 Years of Success
    Mary Catherine Swanson created AVID, starting in 1980 with 32 students and the belief that with social and academic support, high expectations, and college knowledge, any student with a desire to attend a university could see that dream come true. AVID’s success has spread to 47 states and fifteen countries, and serves more than 400,000 students.
    Why at Kennedy?
    AVID students are enrolled in one BLOCK of AVID at John F. Kennedy Middle College. In addition to academic support through tutorials, AVID students receive training in college level reading and writing, organizational and time management strategies and study skills. AVID students will map their goals, explore careers, choose probable college majors, and create a list of universities where they wish to apply.

    AVID teachers assist AVID students in selecting Norco College courses as well as JFK courses which will fulfill the “A-G Requirements” for entrance into University of California or California State University campuses, as well as many private universities. AVID students tour colleges on field trips, helping students gain perspective on campus life. Additionally, AVID students will learn about financial aid options, and apply for scholarships throughout their 3 years at JFK.

                                    "AVID has given me the opportunity to grow as a student, and has helped me accomplish my dream of going to college. Kelsey, Class of 2009 (Northern Arizona University)

                                     My three years of AVID have helped me to stay focused on school, in keeping up with grades and taking the right classes. I have also received a lot of support from my AVID peers. Jessica, Class of 2009 (California Baptist University)


Last Modified on March 1, 2018