• Books Running Record Levels


    Books are available at the Corona Public Library and most book stores.


    Levels 1 & 2


    Count and See                                           Hoban, Tana

    Growing Colors                                          McMillan, Bruce

    Have You Seen My Cat?                             Carle, Eric

    Have You Seen My Duckling?                      Tafuri, Nancy


    Levels 3 & 4


    Baby Says                                                 Steptoe, John

    Brown Bear, Brown Bear                             Martin, Bill

    Rain                                                          Kalan, Robert

    Roll Over!                                                  Peek, Merle

    Spots, Feathers and Curly Tails                  Tafuri, Nancy


    Levels 5 & 6


    The Ball Bounced                                       Tafuri, Nancy

    The Chick and the Duckling                                Ginsburg, Mirra

    Mary Wore Her Red Dress                         Peek, Merle

    Sam’s Ball                                                 Lindgren, Barbro

    Sam’s Wagon                                             Lindgren, Barbro








    Levels 7 & 8 & 9


    It Looked Like Spilt Milk                           Shaw, Charles

    Buzz said the Bee                                      Lewison, Wendy C

    Cat Goes Fiddle-i-Fee                                        Galdone, Paul

    Amy Loves the Snow                                  Hoban, Lilian

    Is Anyone Home?                                      Maris, Ron

    Just Like Daddy                                                Asch, Frank

    Oh Dear!                                                   Campbell, Rod

    Rosie’s Walk                                              Hutchins, Pat

    SHHHH                                                    Henkes, Kevin



    Level 10


    Across the Stream                                    Ginsburg, Mirra

    A Dark Dark Tale                                      Brown, Ruth

    Trains                                                       Gibbons, Gail

    Going For A Walk                                      DeRegniers, B. S.

    Hooray For Snail                                       Stadler, John

    Thank You Nicky!                                       Ziefert, Harriet

    Ladybugs                                                  Posada, Mia











    Levels 11 & 12

    Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs                                  Barton, Byron

    Each Peach Pear Plum                                        Ahlberg, Allan/Janet

    Freight Trains                                           Crews, Donald

    Ten Black Dots                                          Crews, Donald

    Apples and Pumpkins                                  Rockwell, Anne

    Sheep in a Jeep                                         Shaw, Nancy

    Snail at School                                          Stadler, John

    Ten Bears in my Bed                                  Mack, Stan

    Whose Mouse Are You?                             Kraus, Robert

    The Carrot Seed                                       Krauss, Ruth

    Gone Fishing                                              Long, Erlene

    Peanut Butter and Jelly                             Westcott, Nadine

    Titch                                                                Hutchins, Pat

    Good Night Princess Pruney Toes                        McCourt, Lisa

    Finklehopper Frog                                      Livingston, Irene

    I Miss You Stinky Face                              McCourt, Lisa


    Levels 13 & 14


    “Quack,” said the Billy Goat                               Causley, Charles

    Building a House                                                Barton, Byron

    Whose Mouse Are You?                             Kraus, Robert

    Itchy, Itchy Chicken Pox                           Maccarone, Grace

    The Cake that Mack Ate                            Robart, Rose

    Come Out and Play Little Mouse                 Kraus, Robert

    Goodnight Moon                                        Brown, Margaret Wise

    My Brown Bear Barney                               Butler, Dorothy

    Put Me In The Zoo                                    Lopshire, Robert

    Where Are You Going Little Mouse?           Kraus, Robert

    You’ll Soon Grow Into Them, Titch             Hutchins, Pat

    Green Wilma                                             Arnold, Tedd


    Levels 15 & 16


    Airport                                                     Barton, Byron

    Are You My Mother?                                 Eastman, P.D.

    The Jacket I Wear in the Snow                 Neitzel, Shirley

    Hattie and the Fox                                    Fox, Mem

    The Napping House                                    Wood, Don/Audrey

    This is the Bear                                         Hayes, S./Craig, H.

    We’re Going on a Bear Hunt                               Rosen, Michael

    Who Took the Farmer’s Hat                       Nodset, Joan

    Angus and the Cat                                     Flack, Marjorie

    The Bear’s Bicycle                                     McLeod, Emilie

    Benny Bakes A Cake                                   Rice, Eve

    Goodnight Owl                                           Hutchins, Pat

    Happy Birthday Sam                                  Hutchins, Pat

    A Kiss for Little Bear                                        Minarik, Elise H.

    Leo the Late Bloomer                                Kraus, Robert

    Noisy Nora                                                Wells, Rosemary

    The Quilt                                                  Jonas, Ann

    Spot’s Birthday Party                                        Hill, Eric

    Teeny Tiny                                                        Bennett, Jill

    The Teeny Tiny Woman                             Seuling, Barbara

    There’s a Nightmare in My Closet               Mayer, Mercer

    The Trek                                                  Jonas, Ann

    The Very Busy Spider                                        Carle, Eric

    Giggle, Giggle, Quack                                 Cronin, Doreen

    The Pup Speaks Up                                    Hays, Anna Jane

    Muldoon                                                    Edwards, Pamela Duncan

    Waiting for Wings                                     Ehlert, Lois

    The Little Red Hen                                    Galdone,  Paul

    Too Much Noise                                        McGovern, Ann

    My New Boy                                              Phillips, Joan


    Levels 17 & 18


    Ask Mr. Bear                                             Flack, Marjorie

    The Doorbell Rang                                     Hutchins, Pat

    Go and Hush the Baby                                       Byars, Betsy

    Harold and the Purple Crayon                     Johnson, Crockett

    Little Gorilla                                             Bernstein, Ruth

    Max                                                          Isadora, Rachel

    There’s an Alligator Under My Bed             Mayer, Mercer

    There’s Something in my Attic                   Mayer, Mercer

    Where the Wild Things Are                       Sendak, Maurice

    The Cat in the Hat                                    Dr. Seuss

    Charlie Needs a Cloak                                DePaola, Tomie

    Clifford the Big Red Dog                            Bridwell, Norman

    George Shrinks                                          Joyce, William

    Jamberry                                                  Degen, Bruce

    Junie B. Jones (kindergarten)                    Park, Barbara

    Little Bear                                                        Minarik, Elise H.

    Little Blue and Little Yellow                       Lionni, Leo

    Owl at Home                                             Lobel, Arnold

    Sam Who Never Forgets                            Rice, Eve

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar                      Carle, Eric

    Click Clack Moo Cows That Type                 Cronin, Doreen

    Junie B. Jones                                           Park, Barbara

    My Loose Tooth                                        Krensky, Stephen

    Amber Brown                                            Danziger, Paula

    Amelia Bedelia                                           Parish, Peggy

    King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub                     Wood, Audrey

    K is for Kissing a Cool Kangaroo                  Andreae, Giles

    Good Morning, Chick                                  Ginsburg, Mirra

    The Teacher from the Black Lagoon           Thaler, Mike



    Levels 19 & 20


    The Big Sneeze                                         Brown, Ruth

    Frog and Toad are Friends                         Lobel, Arnold

    Frog and Toad Together                            Lobel, Arnold

    Mr. Gumpy’s Motor Car                              Burningham, John

    Mr. Gumpy’s Outing                                   Burningham, John

    The Surprise Party                                    Hutchins, Pat

    What Next Baby Bear                                       Murphy, Jill

    The Art Lesson                                         DePaola, Tomie

    Caps for Sale                                            Slobodkina, Esphyr

    Chicken Soup With Rice                             Sendak, Maurice

    The Gingerbread Boy                                 Galdone, Paul

    Happy Birthday, Moon                                       Asch, Frank

    I Know a Lady                                           Zolotow, Charlotte

    Miss Nelson is Missing                               Allard, Harry

    Tyler Toad and the Thunder                      Crowe, Robert

    Who Sank the Boat?                                  Allen, Pamela

    The Wind Blew                                          Hutchins, Pat

    Henry and Mudge                                      Rylant, Cynthia

    Franklin                                                    Bourgeois, Paulette

    Norma Jean Jumping Bean                         Cole, Joanna

    Nate the Great                                         Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman

    Rooster’s Off to See the World                 Carle, Eric

    Beatrice Doesn’t Want To                          Numeroff, Laura Joffe

    Good As New                                             Douglass, Barbara

    Ira Sleeps Over                                         Waber, Bernard

    Over in the Meadow                                   Wadsworth, Olive

    Pumpkin, Pumpkin                                       Titherington, Jeane





    Levels 22 & 24


    The Caterpillar and the Polliwog                 Kent, Jack

    Harriet and the Garden                             Carlson, Nancy

    Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel           Burton, Virginia Lee

    Stone Soup                                               Brown, Marcia


    Level 28


    Junie B. Jones (First Grade)


    Level 30


    The Magic Tree House                               Osborne, Mary Pope