• The following websites are great resources you can use to provide your scholar extra support or enrichment for their learning.  Some of the websites provide printable worksheets, tutorials, reading, writing, and skill practice and can be used as additional homework after they finish their Reading Retrievers Book Club and while we are off-track. 

    Find math skills by grade level and topic including enrichment for Algebra and Geometry with videos, printable worksheets, and practice (This resource is good for scholars who are in need of additional support, on level, and in need of a challenge in math):
    Adapted Mind Math 
    Find tutorials and practice in all subject areas at Khanacademy.  This resource is particularly helpful for those tough math concepts for scholars or parents.  I use this resource to prepare myself to teach math lessons everyday!  This is a great website if you are in need of a reteach, preteach, or challenge lesson. 
    Helpful Websites for Parents
    Corona Norco Unified School District - All sorts of district information at your fingertips:
    Eleanor Roosevelt High School Library - This link will give you access to the Mustang Library that services the Eastvale area:
    EnVision Math - Preview or review a lesson, play a game, and find math resources:
    Houghton Mifflin - Resources to support Language Arts:
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