• Santiago High School Local Scholarships

    Local Scholarships deadline 3:00 pm Friday, February 9, 2018.


    Submit your application materials to the Counseling Office.


    Step 1: Download and review 2017/18 Local Scholarships List & Supplemental Application Materials



    In order to save the PDF copy of the work that you do in this fillable form please make sure your Adobe Reader is up to date.  Visit https://get.adobe.com/reader/ and download the latest FREE version of Adobe Reader.

    FREE Adobe Reader Update 


    Step 3: Download and Complete the Local Scholarships Application
    Download the Local Scholarships Application by clicking on the link below and save it to your computer or to a cloud account before beginning to work on the application.
    Close the application and open it again using Adobe Acrobat. The application should now look like the picture below, with a "Submit Form" button.
    App Pic
    * All fields that are in red are required and must have a value to submit the form.
    * Make sure that you save your work!
    * Once you are ready to submit your application, print out a copy for each of the scholarships for which you plan to apply, then press "Submit Form" button to send us a digital copy of the application.
    * If you have trouble submitting, you can email your application to sahsscholarships@cnusd.k12.ca.us.
    You can also visit the College & Career Center located in the Library for help, and/or attend Counseling's Office Hours on Thursdays & Fridays in F108 for help. 


    Required Supplemental Materials

    You must also submit the following items for each scholarship:

    1 Cover Sheet (it is embedded in the application)

    1 Autobiographical Essay

    2 Letters of Recommendation

    1 Unofficial Transcript (please see scholarship descriptions, some require an Official Transcript)


    Some scholarships require a supplemental application and/or essay. Please review the Local Scholarships List carefully, so that you turn in a complete application packet for each scholarship to which you apply.


  • At a Glance The Local Scholarship Application Packet At A Glance.


  • Step 4: Autobiographical Essay - 1 page maximum 



    Autobiographical essay is required; one page, will be strictly enforced.


    Formatting your essay is important!


    First Paragraph: Introduce yourself, your family and your background.

    For example: My name is John Doe and I
    Second Paragraph: Mention your current situation, academic accomplishments, extra-curricular activities, job or volunteer experiences; interesting things about yourself (likes/dislikes, interests, travel experiences, etc.).

    Third ParagraphMention your career/college plans, areas of study in which you are interested, why you need the money to achieve your goals and how you will use the money. Include what you would like to be doing in five to ten years that might be relevant to your scholarship award sponsor. Simple, right??


    Resources for writing your autobiographical essay:

  • Step 5: Two Letters of Recommendation

    In your application packet you will need to provide two letters of recommendation. You can ask a teacher, and community member, your employer… It should be someone who knows you well, with whom you have a good relationships.  If you plan to ask your counselor for a letter of recommendation please download a Letter of Recommendation Request Form.

    LofR Request
    * Allow your counselor 2-3 weeks to complete the letter of recommendation.
    * It may be a good idea to fill out the request form once and make photo copies to give to the other people you will be asking for a letter from.
    * Fill the form out COMPLETELY. Narratives always help, and be as detailed as possible.

    * If you are struggling for material ask your parents for help, we love to brag about our children’s accomplishments.

    Recommender Instructions 

    Recommenders can provide you with the letter of recommendation directly, or your recommender can submit their letter to us digitally, if they would like for their letter to remain confidential.  Please visit the following website for instructions: www.cnusd.k12.ca.us/Page/37309 .

  • Step 6: Unofficial Transcripts

    You will need to request an unofficial transcript from the registrar's office. 

    Complete your Application Packet

    Put your packet in order listed in on the At-A-Glance photo and make as many copies as you need; if you are only applying for 1 scholarship, you only need 1 completed packet.  If you are applying for several, make as many IDENTICAL copies as the number of scholarships you are applying for.  You only need to do this process ONCE, then photo copy your originals to make additional packets. 

    Submit your completed Local Scholarships Application to the Counseling Office by 3:00 pm Friday, February 9, 2018.


    That’s it! You are now ready to start the local scholarship application process.  GOOD LUCK!!


Last Modified on February 7, 2018