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    A-G Requirements are the selection of courses that Cal State Universities and UC's require to be considered for admission. Because CNUSD is dedicated to ensuring all students are college- and career-ready, we urge every student to take these courses, which provides students with greater opportunities upon graduating. Even students who elect not to attend a 4-year university still need to compete for admissions at junior colleges; additionally, students who filfill A-G Requirements have the skills and  habits necessary for success in a competitive workplace and in all further education.




    Basic Graduation Requirements
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    Some students may not need to fulfill the A-G Requirements because they have a different plan, such as entering the military, attending an out-of-state college that has alternative requirements, or following NCAA requirements. Before selecting this option, all students must establish a plan. Use CareerCruising to take a personality profile test, research careers and the schooling required to obtain your ideal career and then research colleges that offer that degree program. What's Your Plan?