• Events Chairperson
    100 Mile Club
    Melanie Steinkirchner
    Blood Drive Erin Fitzgerald/Melissa Thomas    
    Book Fair Lisa Reightley
    Box Top/Capri Sun/Labels Gaby Gomez
    Breakfast with Santa                 
    Becky Nelson
    Community Outreach / Charity Event        
    Wendy Wilson
    Emergency Preparedness OPEN
    Father/Daughter Event Carla Bartz/Cindy Broderick
    Holiday Shop  
    Heather Farrell
    HospitalityMichelle Youngblood
    Library Melissa Thomas
    Mother/Son Event OPEN
    ReflectionsConnie Lindbeck
    Room Parent Coordinator Linda Pettijohn
    School Competitions Linda Pettijohn
    School Improvement Melanie Steinkirchner/Linda Pettijohn
    Settlement House
    Melissa Thomas & team
    Social Media Coordinator (WEB/FB)  
    Sheila Rasmussen
    Spirit Wear
    Shelia Rasmussen
    Teacher Appreciation Becky Nelson
    The Giving Tree  
    Wendy Wilson
    Vending Machine
    Michelle Youngblood
    Volunteer Coordinator
    Linda Pettijohn
    Walk to School Day
    Imelda Orellana
    Watch Dogs Brad Pettijohn
    World Kindness Conference Trish Bowen
    Yearbook Connie Linbeck
    If you would like more information about an OPEN position or would like to Fill a position, Please contact Melanie Steinkirchner 
Last Modified on September 2, 2014