• Dear Kinder Families: The students have been working so hard!  You should be very proud! We are getting ready for first grade! Your babies are now immediately coming into our  warm  classroom environment, but with a bit more academia and less talking. (it was becoming a problem) So, they begin their day usually with math. The immediate starting of math has lessened the noise level and given the children the opportunity to turn their brains on and start their day with a quiet and structured feeling and  academic dendrite awakening!  Another area we are working on is our writing!  The children are learning how to write four sentences about the same topic!  Yes, a paragraph in kindergarten! Briefly, it is a color coded structure that encourages the emergent writers how to format a paragraph. The topic sentence starts out with a green circle in front of the first word. For example, o I  love kindergarten for many reasons!
    0 First, I have learned how to write in my journal about anything I want!
    0 Second, I love to read all of the kindergarten books in my class.
    o Clearly, there are many reasons that I love kindergarten. 
    (Step up to writing)
    This month we have learned about:
          **the Water Cycle
          **States of Matter
          **And most recently- Cause and Effect 
    Next week we will begin our Penguin unit.

    Students may bring in their stuffed penguins to help the students with their work on Monday! We will be having an oral report due in two weeks that will  depict one of the many kinds of penguins in our penguin family.  Students are to make a three dimensional penguin and write a small report about their penguin.  Students are to write as independently as possible.  Please read information with your child about the specific penquin that they choose, and then discuss what you have read.  Have your child write about where they live, how they take care of their babies and one interesting fact that they didn't know before.We will have so much fun learning about such cute little creatures. 

    This week and last I have been assessing the children for our upcoming report cards. When you receive them in about a week or so, if you have any questions about your child's grade please make an appoinment with me . After school works the best for me) 

    I did tell a couple of my parents that I used to make a giant igloo made out of milk jugs.  So, it appears that Mrs. Turano better make that igloo like she used to when she was just a young teacher. Therefore, if you would like to bring in cleaned and dryed plastic gallon milk jugs, we will see if Mrs. Turano still "has it.! We are going to be having so much academic fun!  Your little children are doing so well!